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Requirements: Part B – Personal Reflection
Each group member will write a personal reflection addressing the following points:
1. In regards to the generic feedback you received for Assignment 1, how did you respond to, and incorporate, this feedback into the group submission of Part A Project Plan
2. Describe how the group allocated the Part A Project Plan work amongst each of the group members.
3. Summarize how the group worked together to submit an appropriate Part A Project Plan
4. Based on the answers to the three (3) questions above:
a. What did you learn about collaborative groupwork?
b. How you might use this in the workplace or another group assignment?
It is envisaged that your personal reflection will be approximately 500-600 words in length.
Submission Guidelines
Part A
Please ensure you take all Assignment 1 feedback into account and incorporate this feedback where needed when constructing Part A of Assignment 2 – the Project Plan.
The project plan must be written in the context of the project and use the Assignment 2 Part A template available in UTS Online. The project plan must include all sections detailed in the template.
All diagrams and tables (if used) must be numbered, titled and explained the text. All lists must have lead-in text.
Submission of Assignment 2 Part A is via the Assessment Task 2 - Part A Project Plan page in Canvas
Part B
For Assignment 2 Part B please ensure your name and student number are included in the submission and that you address the points listed under the heading Part B – Personal Reflection at the top of this page.
Submission of Assignment 2 Part B is via the Assessment Task 2 – Part B Personal Reflection page in Canvas.
See separate marking standard documents in UTS Online:
• 32541 Ass 2 Part A Marking Standard
• 32541 Ass 2 Part B Marking Standard
Referencing Guidelines
Students should consult the following UTS Library webpage:
Please note: You do not need to reference the case study. However, text taken from the case study must be paraphrased and not directly copied.
The UTS library HeadsUp program
Students may find the HeadsUp program useful from a referencing and writing perspective, which is available at ?
Group Work
For the group submission (Assignment 2 Part A) students will be assessed as a team, which means each group member will normally receive the same mark. If you have trouble with the operation of your group, contact your tutor for advice (preferably ask as a group). If some of the group feel that other members are not contributing the tutor should be informed and a group meeting held to produce a solution. In extreme cases a group member may be asked by the tutor to withdraw from the Subject, do extra work or accept a lower mark. No complaints about group operation will be considered after the assignment has been handed in.
Late Submission
For assignments submitted after the due date and time late penalties will apply as per page 9 of the subject outline which states:
“Work submitted late without an approved extension is subject to a late penalty of 10 per cent of the total available marks deducted per calendar day that the assessment is overdue (e.g. if an assignment is out of 40 marks, and is submitted (up to) 24 hours after the deadline without an extension, the student will have four marks deducted from their awarded mark). Work submitted after five calendar days is not accepted and a mark of zero is awarded.”
Extensions, Special Consideration and Query of Marks/Grade and Final Results
For information on Extensions, Special Consideration, Late Penalty and Query of Marks/Grade and Final Results, please see Assessment: faculty procedures and advice on pages 9 and 10 of the Subject Outline.
Academic Standards
Students are reminded of the principles laid down in the Statement about assessment procedures and advice on pages 10 and 11 of the subject outline.
Assignment Return
It is envisaged that assignments marks and generic feedback will be available in the week commencing Monday, 2nd November, 2020.

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