Recent Question/Assignment

Second Assignment - Business Information Management (45 marks)
Due date 29th October, 2020
Case Study Analysis and Report (3000 words)
*Minus 10% & extra 20% leeway permitted (2,700 words to 3,600 words)
Students are required to undertake a case study of the business information strategies and processes of a particular business.
Selected Business: Preferably Woolworths or Commonwealth Bank of Australia
The study should include: Very Important
1. A critical review of the Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS) of the chosen business;
2. An analysis of how business information is used in the chosen business to create business value and competitive advantage; and
3. Any three recommendations to the chosen business concerning how to better manage business information in order to enhance business strategies and operations.
Criteria for Assessment
• Quality of the review of IT and IS, including details of relevant policies, processes and practices – 15 marks.
• Depth in the analysis of how business information is used in the business, including links to relevant theory and research – 15 marks.
• Thoughtful, evidence-based three recommendations concerning enhancements to business information strategies and operations – 10 marks.
• Standard of presentation of the paper, with proper and consistent style of referencing – 5 marks.
Writing must be readable with correct English Language and grammar
References(Havard referencing style) must be in English only.
Please includes references from this text if possible : Text: Gray, H., Issa, T.,
Pye,G.,Troshani,I.,Rainer,R.,Prince,B.&Watson,H.2015,Management Information Systems, (1st Aust. ed.), Wiley, Brisbane.
Very Important! Turning plagiarism check (Must not be less than 8 0r 10% and must not exceed 18 %)