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Assessment Brief -Academic and Professional Skills (APS 101)
Assessment 2:
Annotated Bibliography
Due: Week 5
Written submission via Moodle
PDF document
Individual assessment
Learning Outcomes:
b. Apply the skills required for academic success in higher education, in particular, the role of time management, information literacy and data management
c. Express and effectively communicate ideas in both written and verbal form
Students complete an Annotated Bibliography.
Approaches to completing all elements of the assessment will be covered in available resources and specifically discussed as part of Topic 4
In this assessment students will be required to write an annotated bibliography detailing at least four relevant sources related to their formal essay
Students will review the current and past literature on a topic related to their formal essay and prepare an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a list of sources of information about a research question which includes a description and evaluation of each source.
In the submitted work you must:
• Clearly state the topic you are researching, and include a brief statement as to the context of the references you have chosen.
• Include at least four (4) journal articles, books, book chapters or web sites that are of relevance to the topic you are researching. These should be the ones you consider the most relevant, so you should have reviewed at least twice this many
• The length of the annotation will depend on why it has been included and on the nature of the source itself. Typically annotations are between 50 and 100 words each.
• Remember to evaluate each annotation critically.
• Present your annotations in alphabetical order.
• An example of a completed Annotated Bibliography is on Moodle.
File: APS101 Assessment brief v2.doc 3
Author Prof. C Auld / Dr M Aston Date: 25/08/2020 Status: APPROVED 9 V-

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