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NURS 3003 Dynamics of Practice
Assessment 2. Explanation paper (30%) – Guidelines
Use the information sheet that you have developed for assignment 1 as a basis for this assignment.
This assignment asks you to provide rationales for the information you have provided in your information sheet (Assignment 1).
The assignment:
Provide a 1,500 word essay that illustrates:
1. Your rationale for selecting the four (4) identified needs for your case study person/family/carer/s identified in your information sheet.
For each of these needs, (chosen from the Commonwealth Home Support Programme) provide a rationale explaining the relevance of this need to your allocated case study person. i.e. why have you identified these needs as being important for the person?
2. Provide a rationale for the priority order in which you illustrated the four needs
For example, why have you prioritised the needs in the way you have, i.e. the first and most important, through to the fourth and least important
3. Your rationale for identifying the services linked to your identified needs.
For each of the identified services, provide a rationale explaining the benefits of the identified services to the person/family/carer/s. Who might be involved in providing this care and how can they assist in hospital avoidance for your allocated person?
4. A rationale that explains the design of your information sheet.
Why did you choose to include or not include any images, the font size, colour/s, design, layout etc.
Additional information:
This assessment does not require an introduction or conclusion and can be written in first person, e.g. “I have ……..”.
Sub-headings are encouraged to guide the reader.
It is expected that you include evidence based peer reviewed references to support your assertions throughout this assignment.
Please use these guidelines in conjunction with the associated marking rubric when preparing your assignment.
References within this assignment should adhere to the required APA 6th edition referencing style.
Please refer to the marking rubric for further information.

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