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Assessment 2 Information
Subject Name: Introduction to Data Analytics for Business
Word: 500
Your Task
Individual Component: Individually analyse the methods adopted by a company in the process of transforming digitally.
Source: industrial-transformation.html#
The Deloitte article that you will be reading starts by highlighting a disparity between the potential of Industry 4.0 and its accessibility, and proceeds to outline a strategy to increase innovation.
Assessment Instructions
Individually: Choose one of the companies (Hewlett Parckard Enterprise, Hitashi Vantara, Daimler Trucks Asia) mentioned in the article as actively undergoing a digital transformation and write a 500- word essay explaining the measures taken by the company. I CHOSSE Hewlett Parckard Enterprise company.
Assessment Marking Guide

Criteria Marks
Brief summary of
the company’s

realm: How they are currently using data analytics.
Measures taken for digital

4 mark

transformation. 12 marks
Targets behind the transformation. 4 marks
Total 20 marks

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