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Service: Home health Service
Targeted Market: Whole world dealing with health issues
Reason to choose:
• In this modern world, from young to old generation has hectic lifestyle. It is mainly found in younger generation as in this race of becoming successful, they have completely forgotten about their wellbeing which certainly affects their overall mental, physical and emotional health.
• Further, when they go through tremendous workload issues, most of them ignores their health issues and even move towards irregular health habits. That is why; they need an easier and effective way to take care of their health. Since most of the worldwide population is going through all these health issues, the Home health service will provide a platform to the people so that they can access health services in their comfort zone as they can make an appointment as per their need.
Our Plan:
The home health service will target the people living mainly in metropolitan cities as most of them require regular health checkups but they do not even have enough time to visit a hospital.
Thus, individuals can take advantage of our service which will provide them an access to the facility of regular body checks ups such as heart rate, blood pressure, urine test and so on. Further, we will also provide a diet plan to them as per the results of their tests and lifestyle. Therefore, our service will be an easier way to maintain a healthy life for busy people and in this way this business will certainly attract all generations from young to old.

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