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MNGT2005: Leadership and Ethics
Semester 2, 2020: NewSpace and Ourimbah Campuses
Individual Reflective Essay
Weighting: 25%
Due Date: Friday, 25th September 2020 at 11:59pm
Word count: maximum 2000 words (in total)
The individual reflective essay requires you to identify, evaluate and take a stand on a leadership experience. You can choose any leadership experience you have faced in your daily life, engagement in sport, at university, or at work. For example, perhaps you have tried to lead by example in being more environmental friendly at home, captain a sport team, taken a leadership role in a university group assignment, or tried to change something in your workplace. Leadership is here broadly defined and the important part is to identify and describe your experience.
The essay requires the following three components:
1) The identification and description of a relevant leadership experience. This is the ‘case’ of the essay and requires a clear and concise description of the situation with enough richness to assist in the evaluation.
2) The evaluation of your experience – as a case – employing a suitable theory or a combination of theories for your experience. For example, the sources of power or influence tactics used by a person, the motivation or consequences of the actions, or the virtue displayed in the situation.
3) Reflect upon the experience in terms of ‘good leadership’ or ‘ethical leadership’ and provide recommendations or advice for future situations. This could, for example, be on of how one should act according to an ethical evaluation, the influence tactics more suitable to the situation, or how to address the type of problems identified.
Please note, while we ask you to reflect upon your individual experience, this is still an academic essay. We thus expect you to use academic language and structure as well as systematic APA referencing. Please note that Word count is +/-10% and is based on the overall content (including reference list). It is expected that any models and theories you use will be referenced correctly and that the Turnitin similarity match will be suitably low.
Assessment Criteria:
Your reflective essay will be assessed according to the following criteria –
1. Description of case and level of critical insight demonstrated: The extent to which your essay demonstrates insights into your leadership experience and the extent to you which you are able to critically evaluate the experience.
2. Theoretical insights and level of analysis: The extent to which you are able to analyse the experience and correctly apply the engaged theories. This also includes the fit between experience and theory as well as the compatibility of theories applied.
3. Lessons learned for good or ethical leadership: The creativity and practicality of recommendations and advice, including how the recommendations are a logical outcome from your theoretical evaluation.
4. Level of written expression: Clarity in written expression, appropriate use of vocabulary, correct spelling and grammar, referencing, and overall prose fluency.
5. Overall coherence of your essay: How well your essay develops and flows. How effectively you build and develop a progressive narrative, including the use of headings for a clear structure.

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