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Clinical scenario
Angelo is a 19-year-old man. He lives with his parents and he is an apprentice diesel mechanic. Encouraged by his family, Angelo presented for assessment at his local hospital. As a nurse, you are part of the multidisciplinary team responsible for Angelo’s assessment. On admission Angelo appears withdrawn. His parents report that Angelo’s behaviour has changed gradually over the last 6 months. He has become moody and uncommunicative and seems to have lost interest in life. Angelo’s parents also report that in recent weeks he has started talking about his thoughts being controlled by energy waves emitted by the television. At times he has been overheard talking to himself. His parents state that Angelo has in the past used cannabis heavily. His work performance has suffered, and his colleagues have also noticed the changes in Angelo’s mood and behaviour.
Clinical scenario questions
1. During your interview with Angelo, you note that he is not forthcoming with personal information. What communication techniques would you use to obtain a clinical history. (400 words)
2. Some aspects of Angelo’s history are suggestive of psychosis. Define psychosis and explain the primary features of a psychotic presentation. (400 words).
3. A provisional diagnosis of schizophrenia is made, and Angelo is admitted to the mental health unit for observation and further assessment. Explain the concept of positive and negative symptoms in schizophrenia and the implications for treatment. (400 words)
4. Explain the potential role of neurotransmitters in the development of schizophrenia. (400 words)
• Read to assignment question carefully. Identify the key areas you need to address in this essay. You may use headings based on these key areas to signpost your essay.
• Revise your understanding of plagiarism and how to avoid this form of student misconduct.
• Use APA 7th Referencing.
Submission Instructions
• The assignment length is 1600 words (including in-text citations but excluding the reference list). Penalties apply for being over or under the word limit.
• Use Arial 12-point font.
• An essay structure is required; include an introduction, body and conclusion for each of the four questions.
• In-text citations and references are to be presented according to APA style 7th edition. The reference list is placed at the end of the fourth short essay.
• Use sources within a 10-year publication range.
• Include a minimum of 10-20 peer reviewed references.
Marking and Feedback Criteria
Your assignment feedback and grading will be based on the following criteria:
• Understanding of clinical concepts.
• Application of clinical reasoning skills.
• Academic literacy skills - writing style, grammar and spelling.
• Academic integrity skills - accurate use of APA 7th edition referencing style.

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