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Subject Name – Economic Evaluation
Topic - Project NEO: Green Hydrogen Based Project.
In the attached image there are four points in question 2. You just have to do the last 2 points from the question with reference
Deliverable 1: Project Description Report (10 marks)
The purpose of the project description report is to provide the context within which the proposed project will be implemented It aims to verify (and justify) that the project is appropriate to toe context in which it will take place
This report must contain information that enables answering the following questions.
1. Describe the technical aspect of the proposed project (i.e., the technology that is relevant to a certain part of a supply chain) and the location where this project is likely to be implemented
2. Describe the social, economic, political and institutional context in which the project win be implemented This may include (but not limited to):
- the socio-economic conditions of the region (or local area) that are relevant for the project
— the existing policies and development plans, organisation and management of services to be provided/developed by the proj ect
- the current infrastructure endowment and service provision that the proposed project is to be developed or replaced
— other information and statistics that are relevant to better qualify the context, e.g., die existence of environmental issues, perception of local residents, etc.
3. What are the goals (objectives) of the proposed project? hi identifying the project’s objectives, try to be as specific as you can.
4. Who is likely to gain or lose from the proposed project?
The format of the project description report and the organisation of its content is at your discretion — but the mam report must not exceed 2 typed-pages (minimum permissible font size B

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