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Assignment Coversheet
Name: ______________________ Student ID: ______________________ Email Address: ________________ Class: ______________________
Unit name: _____
Unit Code: ______________________________________________
Assignment name:
Student Declaration
I declare that –
a. The evidence I have submitted for assessment is my own work, and
b. The evidence I have submitted for assessment has not been shared with other students, and I have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that my work cannot be accessed by other students that may seek to submit my work as their own, and
c. All of the sources of information used to prepare my work have been, or may be accurately cited, and
d. I retain a copy of all my original for my own records, or for resubmission if required by
Academia Australia, and
e. I have read and understood Academia Australia’s policy regarding plagiarism, and I accept the right of Academia Australia to investigate suspected plagiarism, and to act in accordance with the policy and procedure I have read.
Student Signature: __________________________________________
Date of Submission: ___ / /20
Assessment Information
• You must achieve a satisfactory outcome for each of the required criteria of this assessment to be deemed satisfactory for this assessment. You must achieve a satisfactory result for the assessments for this unit of competency to achieve a competent result for the unit. If one or more of the assessment results are not satisfactory, you will be Not Yet Competent for this unit.
• You may follow the Assessment Appeals process in the Student Handbook ( if you are not satisfied with: o the assessment result; or
o the way an assessment was carried out by your trainer; or o the conditions or structure of the assessment
The student handbook has the steps for reassessment if you receive a Not Yet Competent mark and do not want to appeal.
Reasonable adjustment for assessment
Where students have highlighted Language, Literacy and Numeracy issues reasonable adjustment to the assessment can be made. Should you receive a ‘Not Yet Competent’ or ‘Resubmit’ result for the assessment you will be given the opportunity to re-submit your assessment work with any amendments requested by your trainer. The adjustment may include actions such as:
• Student demonstrating knowledge through verbal discussion to identify correct answers
• Student demonstrating knowledge through applied skills
• Allowing additional time relating to disability
• Through consultation amending assessment timeframes
• Assistance in the form of the training location to allow easier access
• Accessing relevant equipment or aids to assist the student
• Adjustments to the assessment methods to cater for any special needs (without effecting the integrity of the outcome)
If a student requests or is identified as requiring reasonable adjustment to the training and assessment process a detailed training and assessment plan including timetables, notes regarding the required adjustments, and any related communications regarding the adjustments must be maintained in the students file.
The RTO Manager must review and authorise any request for ‘reasonable adjustment’ to ensure that any adjustments and resulting outcomes are not affecting the integrity of the training and assessment process.
Location of and completion timeframes for assessment
The location of the assessment will depend upon the nature of the assessment. Direct observation of student’s skills will be assessed in the class room at Academia, the timeframes for these assessments will be related to the scheduled times of the classes. Other assessments such as; role plays, in class activities, presentations and written tests will be conducting in the classroom. The timeframes and due dates for these assessments, as well as any reports, projects or research assignments, are documented in the stage outlines. Stage outlines are handed out at the beginning of each term.
Assessment 2 – Case Study 2
The stage 5 outlines specify the week this assessment is due. The specific dates and time for assessment submission are advised on Moodle announcement for the unit.
Students are required to work on the Wages Budget for Academia Bar over a three-month period following the information below:
- Employer’s superannuation contribution is 9.5%; Supervisor is 10% which will be increased to 11% in October.
- Hrs / Week are according to the business volume for the period specified:
- Part-timers are required to work 24 hours a week and full-timers 38 hours a week.
- Casuals will be required to work according to the business’s needs following the information provided from management:
? August – Casual staff required to work 18 hours a week.
? September – Due to some external events (Latin Festival and International Student Diversity Festival), the business volume for Academia Hotel will increase requiring all casuals to work 27 hours a week.
? October – Due to personal reasons, F&B Attendant Level 1 will be available to work only 17 hours a week and F&B Attendant Level 2, 12 hours a week.
- Rate/Hr - during the first 2 months, Supervisor will get paid AU$26.00 per hour, which will be increased to AU$29.00 in October. Part-timers Level 1 will get paid AU$20.00 and Level 2 AU$22.00 during the whole period. Casual pay rate will follow the table below:
August Rate/Hr September Rate/Hr October Rate/Hr
Level 1 AU$22 F&B
Level 1 AU$22 F&B
Level 1 AU$22
Level 2 AU$24 F&B
Level 2 AU$24 F&B
Level 2 AU$24
Using the Excel Spreadsheet Template provided students to:
A) Work out Gross Wages
B) Work out Employer’s Superannuation
C) Find totals of columns F, H and I
D) Work total employment budget per month
E) Work total employment budget per 3 months
F) Write down a brief Wages Report to the owner of the business providing an overall analysis of the Wages Budget for the last three months.
Case Study 2 Comments
0 1 2 3
SITXFIN003 Manage finances within a budget
PART A - Work out Gross Wages
PART B - Work out Employer’s Superannuation
PART C - Find totals of columns F, H and I
PART D - Work total employment budget per month
PART E - Work total employment budget per 3 months
PART F - Write down a brief Wages Report to the owner of the business providing an overall analysis of the Wages Budget for the last three months
Total Marks out of 18
Marking Guide
Student is satisfactory for this assessment task: Yes Not Yet
________________________________ ___ / ___ / _____
Trainer’s Signature Date

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