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Section 1 – Assessment Task Overview and Description
Charlie needs to pay his sales staff for the two weeks ending 20 November, and he’s asked you to put together a spreadsheet. It’s important that the spreadsheet is accurate as Charlie will use it to pay staff, without any further checking.
The spreadsheet should conform to the corporate style guide which requires the Calibri font, 11pt for normal text and column headings, and 14pt for main headings. All column headings should be bold and centred within their cells. Where numbers are amounts of money, the Accounting number format should be used.
The payroll data is sensitive and should be stored in the company’s secure drive [the student’s OneDrive] under the name PAY20NOV-XX (where XX is the student’s initials).
The company uses Microsoft Excel for internal documents.
The Sales Manager has given you the names of her salespeople and the number of hours they’ve worked over the past two weeks.
Salesperson Hours worked
David Fleming 76
Amanda Oxwell 76
Dave Shaw 48
Roger Bond 48
Tim Simmington 76
Keith Reynolds 76
Each salesperson is on an hourly rate of $27.50, except for Keith Reynolds who is a junior and is paid only $19.50. David Fleming and Amanda Oxwell are each entitled to a bonus of $150, for outstanding performance.
Charlie has asked you to lay out your spreadsheet with columns for Salesperson, Hours worked, Hourly rate, Gross wage, Bonus, Total pay, and Superannuation. These columns should be calculated as follows:

Salesperson Data entry
Hours worked Data entry
Hourly rate Data entry
Gross wage Calculation: Hours worked x Hourly rate
Bonus Data entry
Total pay Calculation: Gross wage + Bonus
Superannuation Calculation: 9.5% of Gross wage
1. Complete the Spreadsheet Design Template based on the information above.
2. Design and produce a spreadsheet according to Charlie’s requirements.
3. Use a function to add a total to the bottom of the Total pays column. Apply top and bottom borders to this cell.
4. At the bottom of your spreadsheet, use a function to calculate the average total pay.
5. Change the layout of your spreadsheet to Landscape orientation.
6. Create a Footer which displays your name and the current date.
7. Choose someone to check your spreadsheet. You should deliver your spreadsheet for checking at least one week before the final delivery date (which is the assessment due date).
Section 2 – Assessment Task Submission Information
Submission Details Due date: Refer to Canvas Assignments
Please submit your completed Spreadsheet Design document and a Microsoft Excel document to Canvas.
Submissions received after the submission date must be approved by your teacher.
Summary of Evidence to be Submitted
? A completed Spreadsheet Design Template based on the instructions provided.
? A spreadsheet which is designed and produced in accordance with the organisational requirements specified in the instructions above.
The task will be assessed as satisfactory when all the required evidence listed has been satisfactorily demonstrated.
Section 3 – Assessment Task Criteria and Outcome
All items/criteria must be demonstrated satisfactorily to achieve this task. The items/criteria for this activity will be assessed as S – Satisfactory or US – Unsatisfactory.
1. Spreadsheet is designed and produced within the organisational requirements as specified.
2. Spreadsheet is named and stored as specified.
3. The correct spreadsheet application has been selected and used to produce the spreadsheet.
4. Calculations are accurate and consistent. The spreadsheet has been checked by a third party and contains no major errors.
Section 4 – General Assessment Information
Decision Making Rules Each activity in the assessment task must be satisfactorily completed for the task to be assessed as satisfactory.
Every task must be satisfactorily completed to be assessed as competent in the unit.
* For graded units, competence must be demonstrated before a mark can be given.
Plagiarism There are serious penalties for plagiarism that may include repeating a new assessment task or being withdrawn for the unit / course.
Students must ensure that all assessments are their own work (or group work and clearly noted as such).
Refer to
Reasonable Adjustment Students may request reasonable adjustment for assessment tasks.
Reasonable adjustment usually involves varying:
? the processes for conducting the assessment (eg: allowing additional time, varying the venue)
? the evidence gathering techniques (eg: oral rather than written questioning, use of a scribe, modifications to equipment)
However, the evidence collected must allow the student to demonstrate all requirements of the unit.
If you have any other issue that may impact your ability to undertake the assessment, please discuss with your teacher.
(where tasks are not satisfactorily completed) Assessment tasks that are not satisfactory can be resubmitted up until the end of the unit as scheduled on the Unit Outline. The timing on this may depend on the equipment required for this assessment task.
Resubmissions received after the scheduled unit end date may not be accepted unless approved by the teacher prior to the end date.
Note: Assessment tasks submitted for the first time after the unit end date as scheduled in the Unit Outline will not be assessed and the student should re-enrol into the unit.
Special consideration Students may apply for Special Consideration where personal circumstances have adversely affected their task result or ability to undertake an assessment. A Special Consideration form can be completed prior to, but no later than 3 days after, the date of assessment and submitted to the relevant Manager.
Work Health & Safety Activities may require the use of equipment or participation in group exercises. If the teacher identifies any unsafe activity or potentially dangerous situations, the teacher can stop the assessment at any time.

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