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Subject Title Pathway to Success
Subject Code BUS101A
Assessment Title Employability Toolkit
Graduate Capabilities
List the graduate capabilities being developed in this assessment
2. Innovative Problem Solving
5. Skilled Collaboration
Learning Outcome/s a) Describe how personal intrinsic motivators relate to chosen study and future career
b) Identify areas for personal improvement in academic and career skill areas
c) Locate appropriate online resources to support and further academic and career development
d) Arrange an ICMS portfolio to support academic and career success
e) Express ideas in both written and oral forms to communicate effectively
Assessment type (group or individual) Individual
Weighting % 50%
Word count 1,250 words (+/- 10%)
Due day Week 11
Submission type Turnitin ?
Format/layout of assessment Portfolio:
ICMS Cover Page
Page of Contents
LinkedIn Bio/ Introductory statement
My Interview recoding
Action Plan
Assessment instructions To complete this assessment, you will need to work on your resume, introductory paragraph and interview skills from weeks 8, 9, 10 and 11 and submit each component to create a mini toolkit in a portfolio format.
The assessment aims to help you to identify jobs/ roles related to your chosen discipline and identify the selection criteria along with soft skill requirements.
Interview skills are demonstrated through an online recorded video response. link in Moodle.
The final part of the assessment requires you to write goals and an action plan in a template that can be downloaded from Moodle and will assist with your meeting these requirements prior to your industry training placements.
Ultimately clarity should be obtained on;
• How you are going to commit to improving your employability skills?
• Improving Interview Skills
• Creating a Resume to the ICMS standard
• Meeting Graduate Capabilities
You will revisit this action plan when you meet with Work Integrated Learning when looking to apply for placements during Industry Training. Therefore, your action plan is your commitment to the steps you will take in the lead up to your placement.
Readings for the assessment
This resource can be found online through any browser
List or links to relevant readings:
Supplementary Information
Grading Criteria / Rubric The marking rubric for this assessment is shown below.
Supplementary Information:
This assessment and toolkit is designed to allow you to consider the next stage(s) of your career. Reflecting on the areas of development that are required to increase your employability skills.
• If you are set on a structured career path/job role, you may explore the sections of this assessment in that context.
• If you are not sure of the exact job role you want to pursue, but you know they industry you want to develop in, you may explore the sections of this assessment in the context of your chosen industry.
1) Introductory Paragraph
In 4 succinct sentences you are to write a brief synopsis of your current skills set, the motivation for you to enrol in your current degree of study. The last sentence will include an objective post tertiary studies aligning to your goals.
• Opportunity for you to refer to personality test results completed in class
• Linked to your Action Plan
2) ICMS Standard Resume
• Completed on the ICMS Template, including the suggested content
• Opportunity for Peer Review on your resume to be undertaken within class
• Feedback to allow for a commitment to areas of improvement of your employability skills
• Link commitment areas to Action Plan
3) recording
• Completion of recorded interview answering specified questions
• Opportunity to complete practice interviews to build skills and understand the process
• Opportunity for Peer Review on your recorded interview to be undertaken within class
• Feedback to allow for a commitment to highlight areas of improvement of your interviewing skills
4) Action Plan
A culmination of Pathways to Success. This Action Plan will focus on establishing the Action Steps that you will to ensure that you continue to develop and increase your employability skills moving forward
• Include the commitments that you have highlighted in the Peer Review Sessions on both your Resume and Interview Recordings, aligning with your Introductory Paragraph
a) 2 Short term goals (0-6m) – must be written in the SMART context
b) 2 Mid-term goals (6m – 18m) – do not need to be 100% SMART, but need to show some detail
c) 2 Long-term goals (upon course completion – maximum within 5 years) – aspirational goals – do not need to be SMART. However need to be realistic and highlight the planning to ensure that they are obtainable.
Assessment 3 Employability Toolkit– Marking Rubric
Criteria HD
(85-100) D
(75-84) CR
(65-74) PASS
(50-64) FAIL
Criteria 1
(Weighting 20 %)
Content of the introductory paragraph Exemplary content with the paragraph clear and easy to understand
Content is engaging and attracts attention
Correct business formatting
Clearly explains motivation behind study choice Well written content with the paragraph clear and easy to understand
Content is engaging and attracts attention
Correct business formatting
Explains motivation behind study choice Writing is of a professional standard and easy to understand,
Content written in the correct business format
Lack of clarity highlighting the motivation for degree of choice
The paragraph is partially mis-aligned, lacking sufficient depth
Does not address the key engagement points
Minor spelling and grammatical errors with minimal formatting mistakes The paragraph
suffers from insufficient information about the suitability of the candidate for an opportunity.
Poorly written with multiple spelling and grammatical errors.
Lacks the essential components that a hiring manager would need to cite
Criteria 2
(Weighting 20%)
Content of the resume All components of the ICMS resume have been addressed
Content would ensure candidate is definitely invited for an interview
The resume includes main components, but these do not link together to give a viable view of the candidate.
Content would ensure candidate is strongly considered for an interview Some content is missing from the resume or is irrelevant to the target career
Content would ensure that the candidate is possibly considered for an interview Content of the resume is does not highlight career direction and lacks sufficient depth
Content meets requirements however candidate would generally not be considered The resume lacks the fundamentals of suitable content as prescribed in the studied sample.
Resume does not provide the reader with understanding of the candidate’s skills/abilities.
Would not be invited for an interview
Criteria 3
(Weighting 20 %)
Recording of video interview Well-prepared and engaging with clear recording and professional answering of the questions
Professional setting and recording allowing the student to build rapport effortlessly
Engaging responses with minor pauses and hesitation of answering questions
Professional setting utilised
Student can attract interest in the responses that are offered Questions answered with some detail, some pauses within responses
Student appears to be lacking in confidence in the delivery of the interview
Appears competent in the responses that they are providing Monotone recording that lacks significant engagement
Does not fully demonstrate interest from the student
Improvement required in delivery of responses No engagement from the student.
Significant pauses and lack of continuity in responses.
Hard to comprehend the responses that have been provided.
Feedback from the Peer Review has not been utilised
Criteria 4?
(Weighting 20%)
Action Plan Clear identification and articulation of the Goals aligned throughout the portfolio
Action steps contain all components including dates and feedback opportunities
Commitments have been made with action steps aligned to increasing employability skills
Identification of the goals aligned to increasing employability skills
Action steps are aligned, needs some further elaboration
Commitments have been made to increase employability skills Goals have been identified however Action steps have not been clearly described
Further break down of action steps aligned to the goals required
Commitments to improving employability skills need to be reviewed
Basic understanding of the link and commitment of the Action Plan aligned to goals
Some use of the Action Steps template to create Action Plan
Additional breakdown of commitments needs to be established No relationship between the established goals and action plan steps
Requirement to complete additional research in establishing commitments towards securing a role for Industry Training
Criteria 5 (Weighting 20%)
Language, format and correctness of spelling and grammar Exemplary writing including correct punctuation, spelling and format throughout all platforms of the Employability Toolkit Minimal errors are evident, overall the submission is well written and recorded
Contains spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors exist in the writing which lacks consistently including the correct formatting of the required documents Many spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors exist in the writing. Incorrect formatting and inconsistent treatment of word usage Very high levels of spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors exist in the writing. Very low level of professional styling in presenting the work and significant inconsistency in the use of words

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