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Assessment 3 Information
Subject Code: ACCM4000
Subject Name: Financial Accounting 1
Assessment Title: Assessment 3
Assessment Type: Xero assignment
Weighting: 20 %
Total Marks: 20
Submission: Submit reports via Turnitin
Due Date: Monday of Week 10 at 19:55 AEST
Your Task
• Attend the Xero workshop conducted in class in Week 6.
• Register for Xero when you get the invite (an announcement will be posted after the invites are sent out).
• Attend weekly webinars conducted on Zoom in Weeks 6, 7, 8 and 9. These webinars will provide you the support you need to complete the case study. An announcement will be posted on MyKBS with details of this webinar and how to join.
• Watch the instructional videos available under the assessment tab on MyKBS.
Assessment Description
• Please refer to the Max Supplies Case Study available on MyKBS under the assessment tab.
Assessment Instructions
You are required to submit the following reports (as PDF) on MyKBS; merge following four PDF reports into ONE PDF file via
1) Accounts Transactions Report for the month of October 2019 (download as PDF from Xero)
2) Profit and Loss Statement for the month ended 31 October 2019 (download as PDF from Xero)
3) Balance Sheet as at 31 October 2019 (download as PDF from Xero)
4) Write a brief report on the company’s performance and liquidity status using the following.
(approximately 500 words; Create this in MS Word document and save it as PDF)
• Comment on how the total expenses (including Cost of Sales) as a % of Sales compares to the ATO Industry Benchmark for Hairdressers
• Current ratio.
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Important Study Information
Academic Integrity Policy
KBS values academic integrity. All students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Academic Integrity and Conduct Policy.
What is academic integrity and misconduct?
What are the penalties for academic misconduct?
What are the late penalties?
How can I appeal my grade?
Click here for answers to these questions:
Word Limits for Written Assessments
Submissions that exceed the word limit by more than 10% will cease to be marked from the point at which that limit is exceeded.
Study Assistance
Students may seek study assistance from their local Academic Learning Advisor or refer to the resources on the MyKBS Academic Success Centre page. Click here for this information.
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