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Reflection, Self Evaluation, Assignment
An underlying principle of this course is that, in order to work with and through others, which is what people in management roles do, you must first develop knowledge of yourself. You can then develop skills to work with and through others both as individuals and as a group. In assignment one, you were asked to produce a personal development plan. The purpose of this is not to identify weaknesses, rather to look at areas, skills, abilities and attributes, that you wish to improve or further develop. The remainder of the course focused on developing skills and knowledge to work more effectively with others.
Produce an in-depth reflective self-evaluation of your learning in the course including forward looking applications. The assignment will include the following:
• A review of your personal development plan, progress made and next steps
o For this, please return to assignment 1 and evaluate to what extent you have achieved your development goals. What difficulties did you encounter and have you learned anything about yourself through this process? What are the next steps with this personal development plan? Will you continue with it?
• Ideas for your next development plan (more goals, plan to achieve the goals and timeline looking forward)
o For this, look at other areas that you want to improve and using the same ideas, what will you do, how will you do it, what is your timeline and how will you measure success? The idea here is to develop the habit of self- improvement
• A review of the topics in the course, what you have learned in each and how you can use these in your life at present
o Go through each week, review the topics and review your journal. What have you learned? Note that learning is not memorizing. Deeper learning involves understanding, practical application of concepts and integration of those concepts to develop new ways of doing things and of interacting. How will you use this learning in your life today? Do this for every week of the course
• How will you, looking forward, use these learnings in your immediate / future job?
o For this, look at how you will use the learning in the course in your present position or in your immediate future position. Perhaps (hopefully) you have already started to apply these learnings. If this is the case, in what ways are you doing this?
• Using concepts and theories from the course, describe your case group. Using concepts from the course, how could your group have functioned better?
o How did your group work? Was there conflict in the group and if so, how was the conflict handled? Keep in mind that conflict is any difference of opinion and in groups we want you to differ so that you come up with better solutions. What were the norms of the group? What was the group formation process? Was your group a team? Why or why not
• A brief look forward: Where do you see yourself going in the next few years, specifically one or two years after graduation, and how will the skills learned help you to achieve these goals?
o Here look at where you see yourself at that point in time, 1-2 years after graduation. This is particularly challenging as we are in Covid times but it is even more important now to envision a future. How will applying the skills and knowledge I this course help you in this future role. Be specific her as far as the future you see and how the application o specific skill and knowledge will help you.
• Seven to ten pages total length double spaced
• 12 font, Calibri, Times New Roman or similar
• Organized with headings, sentences and paragraphs
• Error free writing
• Title page including your name, student number, course name and number and my name
• Any material that is from a source must be referenced using APA referencing

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