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Businesses of all kinds are required to provide financial statements as part of their
annual reports. Although university/college graduates are not expected to
understand all components of the annual report, it is important that students
understand the key financial statements and how they can inform a variety of
stakeholders of the state of the business.
Your task is to conduct financial statement analysis on three (3) companies and
write a 1,200 report summarising the key findings. For each company, you are
required to analyse from an investor’s perspective. Your report must include:
• Introduction: An introduction that addresses the general importance of
financial statement analysis. (100 words)
• Body: An analysis of each company: Coles and two companies of your
choosing (300 words each = 900 words in total)
• Recommendation: A recommendation for which of the three (3)
companies you would invest in and why. (100 words)
• Conclusion: A conclusion that give a general summary of the report. (50 -
100 words)
• Reference List: A list of references used for the completion of the
assignment. APA referencing only.
In addition to your report, you are required to submit an excel document that
calculates the key financial ratios for your company.
During class in Week 5, you will be given the opportunity to perform financial
statement analysis of Coles, including the excel calculations. This will thereby
allow all students who attend the opportunity to both begin this assessment and
learn exactly what is required for the task. The class recording will assist those
students who are unable to attend the class.

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