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Harwood, (2008) Observes that Africa and the Middle East are characterized by terrorism, pirates, poverty, corruption and other forms of violence. Though these require security service operations, they are a major threat to the operations of many security companies since they can lead to serious losses. An American security company expanding in Arab nations is risky than any other since it might mean more war and insecurity as opposed to business. Therefore, an American security company that wants to expand its operations in Africa and middle east may have to consider the possible threats that may affect its personnel welfare, business continuity and shipping among others to determine if they are potential investment areas or .
Expansion of security operations from America to Africa and Middle East markets is a very risky task to undertake. This is because African and Middle East nations are characterized by serious insecurity issues, which mime negatively affect the companies operations. On the other hand, it may increase the company’s performance, since the two regions are characterized by insecurity issues, and hence may require boosting their security in their daily tasks. Therefore, the demand for security in those areas is likely to e high, despite the serious challenges that are likely to be encountered https: //
African nations are frequently dominated by war and other insecurity issues. The Security Council has in many cases addressed insecurity issues and other peace threats around African nations. The most affected nations in Africa are the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Libya, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Somalia, among others. Therefore expanding the security company’s operations in those areas may lead the company into facing many challenges, which might lead to loss of its employees together with profits, due to major, risky and intensive operations

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