Recent Question/Assignment

1. Explain your choice of the 3 most useful investigation techniques that you have used to investigate the new automated information system, Mercy Hospital Pharmacy system and the reasons for choosing them.
2. After you have analysed your collected information produce the following UML diagrams for Mercy Hospital Pharmacy system.
A Use Case Diagram –
• With all the critical use cases in the entire system
B Domain Model Class Diagram –
• With all important classes needed in the entire system
C An Activity Diagram –
• Prescriptions are written by doctors and sent to the pharmacy. A pharmacy technician reviews each
prescription and sends it to the appropriate pharmacy station.
D A System Sequence Diagram –
• Assume that the Doctor is an actor using the new system for placing an order to the pharmacy.
Note that when developing each diagram, may make some assumptions which will affect the results of your presented modelling diagram. For examples,
oWhen analysing an organization’s business processes, there are usually some issues which need to be clarified before you can proceed, particularly when the issues affect the way you developed your models.
oIn practice you would simply ask the users. In this case you should make reasonable assumptions of what you believe the users would advise you and list those assumptions here.