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Aim/Kaupapa Korero: Students will apply their knowledge and understanding of microbiological principles and measures and how these are in applied infection prevention and control and public health. Learning Outcomes: 1 – 4 Task: You will develop a learning resource using a digital platform, for health care professionals working in an area of infection risk management so that health professionals can demonstrate their understanding of the mechanisms of microbiology. In addition, you will critically evaluate an ecampaign developed by one of your class peers. To complete this task • Select a current infectious outbreak/disease/emerging infectious disease nationally or internationally. • Use one of the formats for your e-campaign (Google sites

In your e-campaign about selected emerging infectious disease and its causative microorganism you will: • Describe the structure of the chosen micro-organism responsible for the infectious outbreak and the function of the cell membrane with its pathogenicity and virulence; • Identify a laboratory diagnostic test to detect incidence of the causative microorganism and discuss the immunological responses mediated in human host body functions; • Critically discuss the use of antibiotic or antiretroviral treatment for the selected causative microorganism and preventative strategies for infection risk management.

The e-campaign will be checked by your tutor at designated checkpoint dates (refer to course timetable) until final submission. Note: You will be allocated one other student’s e-campaign to provide constructive feedback by using the provided e-feedback form (See Appendix 1). The form can be downloaded for use from Moodle.
My tutor had mention we need to 2000 words
Dont do about measles cause you have already done it for me

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2343 words including Diagrams and References

Title: Lymphatic filariasis

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