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1. Follow three public health-related Twitter accounts and summarise what you have learned from following these feeds for 5 weeks (from Week 1 to week 5 of the trimester). Critique on how Twitter as a social media tool, can be utilised for informed public health informatics field.
o @DigitalHealth
o @eHealthAus
o @JMedInternetRes
o @Healthypolicies
o @AUMentalHealth
o @telemedicine_Jn
INTRODUCTION 200-300 words
3 twitter account u followed
INFORMATION ABOUT PUBLIC HEALTH INFORMATICS Inittiative Project and program 250 words
Go outside twitter to get information more about PUBLIC HEALH INFORMATICS PROGRAM 250 words
USE APA style references minimum 5 with in text citation
2. Telemedicine in Australia (1000 words)
Summarise the barriers to the uptake of telemedicine in Australia based on articles provided in the learning resources and wider literature (last 5 years). Classify them into ICT issues and management issues and evaluate current methods.
In your opinion, what are the key barriers and how can these be addressed? Provide suggestions and practical recommendations based on evidence.
APA style references minimum 5

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2868 words including Diagrams and References

Title: Public Health Informatics and Telemedicine in Australia

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