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Proposal - Tender application
Weight: 40%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: 11 June 2020, 08:00 P.M.
Submission: online, via Turnitin on vUWS
Format: Word file
Length: 3,000 words
Curriculum Mode: Proposal
You are part of a health promotion taskforce. Your taskforce has devised a health promotion intervention to address the health needs of the community. In order to implement the program, your team will be applying for funds in the form of a Tender Application (also known as a Funding Proposal).
Your Proposal must not exceed 3000 words (excluding cover page and Annexes) and include the following:
– Executive Summary (Project summary)
– Background and Needs Assessment
– Project design and implementation plan
– Evaluation plan
– Staff/Team
– Budget
– Annexes
– Stakeholder matrix
– Project Activity Schedule (Gantt chart)
– Program Logic
– Map of project location (optional)
While you will work as a team in class, and your tender application will be on the same, agreed topic, your submission will be individual and each student will need to write their own proposal. Students should not copy each other’s work but work collaboratively in developing ideas.
Assessment criteria
– Executive Summary (Project summary)
• Concisely summarises the project including the need, objective(s) of the program intervention, anticipated outcomes and evaluation
– Background and Needs Assessment
• Summarises the general context in which the program intervention will take place, including the location and target group
• Description of the problem that the program seeks to address, including i) statement of the problem ii) impact of the problem on the target group using evidence
• Evidence of critical analysis of stakeholders (stakeholder matrix) and stakeholder engagement strategy
– Project design and implementation plan
• Project goal and purpose/objective defined
• Major outputs of the project defined
* Key results (as per the Program Logic) that will contribute to the achievement of the purpose and the goal
* Clear and achievable
• Project activities defined under each output
* Description of activity and how it will be implemented
* Issues of management, responsibilities and resources addressed
– Evaluation plan
• Evaluation methods and data sources clearly defined
• Frequency of data collection specified
• Short term, intermediate and long-term outcomes defined (Program Logic)
– Team
• Clear demonstration of organisational capacity
• Each team member bio presented, summarising strengths and skills they will bring to the team and project
• Roles and responsibilities assigned
– Budget
• Realistic and cost-effective
• Includes staff costs, administrative costs, evaluation costs
• Budget is divided into financial years with a total cost included
– Annexes
• Stakeholder matrix (power, influence and management strategy evaluated)
• Project Activity Schedule (Gantt chart)
• Program Logic
All material available on vUWS

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3728 words including References

Topic is health promotional program for prevention of cardiovascular diseases in population of Kathmandu, Nepal
Note: It is based on previous assignment

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