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Assessment Task 3: Individual Think Piece
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment task is for MBA students to identify ways to confront complex, messy, ambiguous problems, make new connections, with a creative, innovative and critical set of lenses.
Criteria High Distinction Distinction Credit Pass Fail
Demonstrated ability to synthesize information from a wide variety of sources and present them in a cohesive representation of learning.
10 marks
Thoroughly detailed and insightful record of relevant issue(s) (from class and beyond) that critically links to other issues, reflections, readings, and/or examples in a meaningful and presents a cohesive representation of learning. Detailed and accurate record of issue(s) (from class and beyond) that constantly refers back to other issues, reflections, readings, and/or examples in a meaningful display of learning. Accurate class record of issues that contains a satisfactory amount of detail and occasionally links to prior reflections or other sources used within class. Class record has significant gaps and is lacking in depth and detail. Did not meet criterion.
Demonstrated ability to identify, interrogate and challenge taken-for-granted assumptions about issues explored within both personal and professional environments.
10 marks
Consistent critical analysis and synthesis of the Areas of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing using a wide variety of outside sources. Knowledge issues are ambitiously and thoroughly explored; assumptions are interrogated and challenged in a meaningful and critical manner.
In-depth reflection is demonstrated that analyses both material studied, and other professional sources. Solid attempts have been made to synthesize the ways in which the Ways of Knowing and Areas of Knowledge interrelate. Knowledge issues thoroughly explored. Regular, in-depth reflection has been attempted utilising a variety of material studied to make connections. Knowledge issues are addressed and an attempt at analysis has been made observed. Little attempt at reflection has been demonstrated. There is limited engagement or questioning of class material.
Did not meet criterion.
Demonstrates appropriate use of sources and materials and adheres to academic conventions (as appropriate), including APA referencing, grammar, punctuation and writing styles.
10 marks
Coherently constructed using relevant examples from readings, class discussions/activities, and personal experience. Sophisticated and logical development of ideas are presented using an immaculate use of APA referencing and presentation of ideas.
Coherently constructed piece of work that uses relevant examples. Intelligent and logical development of ideas. Ideas are presented using appropriate APA referencing conventions and have minimal mistakes. The piece of work presented is generally coherent; uses occasional examples to illustrate ideas. Mostly logical development of ideas. APA referencing has been used with some minor errors. Piece of work is not presented in a logical or coherent form. A basic attempt at referencing has been attempted but there are obvious mistakes. Grammar and presentation is not at an appropriate standard.
Did not meet criterion.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1571 words including References

Note: It is based on previous assignment

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