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Rooms Division Managers Report – INDIVIDUAL Report
Students are required to use the information learned from their flash reports (assessment 3) and the completed Manager report (excel) to provide a Rooms division managers review of operations of a hotel/resort within a competitive marketplace.
1. Introduction: Introduce the report by providing detailed background information, a clear purpose statement and an explanation of how the report will proceed.
2. With the aid of the Manager Report (excel) provide a quarter by quarter analysis and comparison to the other hotel/resort groups within the marketplace including:
a. Price/value map comparison
b. Justification of your hotel’s competitive position through market indexes, rates, market share and guest and staff satisfaction.
Note: Report screenshots and Graphs can validate your hotels performance
3. Offer two recommendations for the future maximisation of profit for this hotel/resort.
4. Provide a graph of your hotel’s yearly RevPar, ADR and Occupancy ratios with the Australian marketplace. Now compare the information and evaluate your hotel’s position to the Australian figures.
5. Conclusion: (a summary of what the report achieved – did it meet its aim/purpose and the significance of the elements covered in the report – no new information).
6. Reference List: (a list of the sources you used in-text).
NOTE: Only ONE Manager’s excel spreadsheet should be uploaded per group

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