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Name of the subject: international and global business (HI2011)
Financial service company is Bank of china.
Unit Code HI2011
Unit Title Global and International Business
Mode of Delivery ONLINE
Assessment Type Group Assignment
(Group Report)
Note: Groups of 4 students only must be formed by week 6 and your tutor must be informed of each members name and student number. Once a group is formed by students self-enrolment into Blackboard, no changes are allowed.
This is strictly required to be your own original work. Plagiarism will be penalised. Students are required to apply the theories and knowledge derived from the unit materials, demonstrate critical analysis and provide a considered and comprehensive evaluation of their selected MNE. Students must use correct in-text citation conventions in accordance with the Harvard method.
Assessment Title A Financial Services (FS) Multi National Entity (MNE) International Expansion (Report Format)
Purpose of the assessment and linkage to Unit Learning
Outcomes (ULO) Students are required to select a multi-national entity from the financial services industry. In the group report, students must extend their knowledge of foreign entry strategies and address the key themes from weeks 6 - 9, including the following:
1. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
2. The Strategy of International Business
3. Ethics and Legal Systems in International Business
4. Foreign Exchange and International Business
This assessment will address the following unit learning outcomes:
1. Analyse, evaluate and discuss theoretical and practical knowledge of global business strategy, in the context of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal issues.
2. Discuss how major financial institutions contribute to global business.
3. Analyse, evaluate and discuss theoretical and practical knowledge of international market entry options.
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Assessment Weight Group Report = 20%
Group Video Power-Point Presentation (10 mins)
= 10%
Total = 30%
Total Marks 30 Marks
Word limit Report not more than 3,000 words
Due Date Week 10 for the group report.
[Late submission penalties accrue at the rate of - 5% per day]
Guidelines • All work must be submitted on Blackboard by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.
• The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings and page numbers.
• Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list, all using Harvard referencing style.
Group Assignment Specifications
This group assignment is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of unit concepts and apply their knowledge of the theories and unit material to a contemporary multinational entity from the financial services industry operating in different markets around the world.
Background and Details:
You have been asked by the CEO of a major Australian Bank to advise them on their strategy formulation for International expansion.
The Bank has developed a reputable brand in the Australian and New Zealand markets and is now looking for suitable acquisitions and strategic partnerships in foreign markets in order to grow their business.
The three markets that they are currently assessing for entry are; France, Brazil and South Korea (ROK). You are required to assess the attractiveness of each of the three markets and put forward recommendation(s) for future action based on a co-operative discussion in your groups.
By working in co-operative groups, select a well-known Financial Services (FS) multi-national entity or consult with your tutor and ensure that it has not been selected by another group. Analyse the selected and approved FS multi-national entity and consider the following factors:
• The differences in the structure of each market identified for entry
• The estimated size and profitability of each market identified for entry
• The potential problems in selling to and supporting the MNE in each market identified for entry
• The likely future developments in each market identified for entry
• The potential foreign exchange and trade implications
In this report,
• Use sub-headings
• Use appropriate paragraphing
• Reference the sources used with correct in-text citation conventions
• Provide a full list of references at the end using correct referencing conventions
• Check the safe-assign report and modify the submission if it is Medium or High risk.
Your final submission is due Friday of Week 10 at Midnight. Late submissions will attract penalties at the rate of -5 % per day.
• Table of Contents - This should be well formatted with numerical sub headings
• Main Body of the report contains Section Headings for each paragraph listed
• Sub-sections are numbered.
• Appropriate paragraphing must be used.
• Introduction - A brief summary of the selected FS MNE in terms of its primary activities, extent of current international operations and some key financial/ operational statistics.
• Structural Differences of each market: France, Brazil, South Korea - consider using a table
• Estimated size and profitability of each market: France, Brazil, South Korea - consider using a table
• Potential problems identified in selling to and supporting the MNEs presence in each market: France, Brazil, South Korea
• The likely Future Developments of each market: France, Brazil, South Korea
• The Potential Foreign Exchange and Trade Implications
• Conclusion - After evaluating each of the three markets, students must make recommendation(s) with appropriate justification.
• Page Numbers must be used.
• Reference List at the end must be in the Harvard format and be mainly academic Journal Articles.
• Students must also show adequate evidence of additional research with up to 10 academic reference sources provided.
• Appendix: Group Assessment Form. All students in the group must indicate which sections of the report was their individual contribution. The form is available on Blackboard.
• Students must also show adequate evidence of additional research with up to 10 academic reference sources provided.
• When finalised, students must submit an electronic copy ONLY onto Blackboard via Safe Assign (Self Check) using the final submission links by the due date. The percentage of similarity from the Safe Assign report is expected to be Low or Medium.
• The group report must be within the 3,000 word limit.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3573 words including References

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 9 slides

Name of the company for assignment is : (Bank of china).

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