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Title: Literature review
Value: 40%
Length: 1250 words, 150-word leeway
Due Date: Midnight Wednesday Week 12
1. Aim: Write a literature review on one of the 4 learning outcomes, and its impact on Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s health.
Task: Critically analyse published literature of your chosen topic.
Please note:
• Minimum of six journal articles or academic sources.
• Material must be peer reviewed, professional journals or other approved sources, such as text book.
• This literature review is to demonstrate a broad understanding of different perspectives and viewpoints of the topic.
• This paper does not require you to explore methodologies.
• Please read Core Criteria.
Unit Learning Outcomes
1. Explore the concepts of colonisation; racism; identity, difference and diversity; and cultural safety in relation to their work practice.
2. Outline the impact of historical, social and political processes on the health of Indigenous people in Australia.
3. Discuss traditional and contemporary Indigenous healthcare knowledges and practices.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and practices of cultural security and cultural safety when working in partnership.
• Title your document with the assignment question
• Word document only (no PDFs)
• No cover sheet required
• Place your name and student ID in footer
• Name file accordingly, for example john_smith_hsc203_s123456_ass.1.docx
• Font style Verdana or Arial (sans serif), size 12
• Spacing 1.5.
• CDU APA 7th Style
• Separate page
• Currency of information (e.g. statistics within 5 years)

Grading of the assignment:
The following rubric will be used to assess your literature review.
Core criteria Excellent Good Satisfactory Limited Unsatisfact ory %
• Background/overview
• Outline of question or purpose statement
• Outline the body of paragraphs (10-9) Very comprehensive, detailed and focused introduction (8-7) Highly detailed and focused introduction (6-5) Detailed introduction (4-3)
Major lack of key basic information in introduction (2-0) Lack of significant detail in introductio n
Answering the question or purpose statement
• Provide a summary of
literature (20 – 18) Excellent succinct link to current literature or data. (17- 14) Good link to relevant literature or data. (13 -10) Demonstrate d
understandin (9 – 4) Limited understanding of core criteria (3 -0)
Minimal Understand ing of 20
• Link literature to key concepts g of core criteria learning material
Evidence of Critical Analysis
• Identifies strengths, and limitations
• Analyse any gaps or conflicting evidence (30 -27)
critical analysis of strengths, and limitations of literature (26 -21)
Critical analysis of strengths,
and limitations of literature (20 -15) Some critical analysis of strengths and limitations but mostly descriptive (14-7)
Limited critical analysis of strengths and limitations but mostly descriptive (6-0) No critical analysis of strengths and limitations but mostly descriptive
Evidence of impact on health
• Identify and analyse how this issue impacted on Australian
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s health. (30 -27)
Insightful, well- structured analysis of criteria. (26 -21) Proficient analysis in addressing core criteria (20 -15) Satisfactory analysis of core criteria (14-7) Limited analysis and comprehensio n of core criteria (6-0)
Minimal analysis of core criteria
Written Expression
File format, Font, Line
Spacing (10-9) Provides excellent flow of
Exemplary referencing
Clearly labelled
file (8-7)
Provides clear logical
sequencing of
Referencing conventions generally
Clearly labelled file (6-5) Written expression and grammar is
Referencing conventions are followed
File format is satisfactory (4-3)
written expression
Limited attention paid
to referencing
File format does not meet the requirements (2-0) Written expression lacks clarity.
Absence of referencing
Not labelled as requested
Total This assessment is worth 40% of the total assessment for this subject. 100

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1663 words including References

Title: Literature review of traditional and contemporary Indigenous healthcare knowledge and practices

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