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Marketing unit
Unit name: Design Thinking For Creativity
Words required 200-250 words
Task: The group project will involve students working in groups to develop a new innovation that can either be:
1. A new tangible product
2. A new service
3. A business idea
4. A process The new innovation has to be in any sector of your choice. Note :The unit coordinator may provide a list of sectors from which you can choose one for your project. The project will address the following: 1. What is ’new and innovative ’about the suggested innovation? (The only part you should worry about)
Task is to continue from the word document regarding the proposed innovation. We chose to use Liedtka's 4 Question model to explain our innovation. The word file attach has covered 'What is', 'What if' and 'What wows'. The last part that you have to do is 'What works?'
Try to use journal article references if possible.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 797 words including References

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