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1. You are required to write a critical essay
2. Use the prescribed textbook, recommended readings and other academic resources to provide evidence to support your discussion and analysis. You may include practical examples that demonstrate your understanding of the evidence appropriate for your topic
3. This critical essay is to be constructed in 6 parts:
o introduction, 3 body paragraphs*, conclusion, and a reference list.
4. The essay should be 1500 words in length excluding references.
*You may include more than 3 body paragraphs, but please note that single sentences do not constitute paragraphs.
In choosing your topic, you might select, for example: Infancy, then focus on three aspects of development such as social, cognitive, and physical development OR Physical Development, then focus on infancy, early childhood and adolescence.
The critical essay should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the topic and related issues
The information you present should be supported by in-text citations
Your reference list and in-text citations should be presented in the
correct APA6 format.
The essay is to be structured as follows:
o The introduction should consist of:
? Essay topic is clearly stated
? Context and point of view is clearly stated
? Importance / relevance of the topic is clearly stated ? State what you intend to cover in the essay
The body paragraphs should consist of:
o Each paragraph should concentrate on one main idea
o Each paragraph should have a beginning topic sentence (i.e.
what the paragraph is about)
o Each paragraph should have concise information
(explanations, examples, etc) supported by references
o Each paragraph should have a final linking sentence which
leads onto the next paragraph’s information The conclusion should consist of:
o Summary of points from the above paragraphs
o Links back to the introduction’s statements on context, point of
argument, importance, relevance
o A final sentence to complete your critical essay

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2053 words including References

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