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Assessment 3 Case study
Due date 14th may
weighing 40%
submission In order for nurses to provide safe, quality person-centred nursing care, their practice must comprise of a comprehensive assessment, the development of a nursing plan, implementation of the care and evaluation of outcomes (NMBA, 2016).
Please read case study provided (below). Your case study will include a number of findings that will assist you in addressing the below criteria.
1. Identify and describe the subjective and objective assessment findings outlined in the case study that are applicable to the patient’s acute condition. (approx 300 word)
2. Document the relevant focused assessment findings centred on the patient’s acute condition. (approx 400 word)
3. Based on the assessment findings, formulate appropriate nursing interventions and analyse how you will prioritise their implementation using evidence-based nursing literature to support your care decisions. (approx 600 word)
4. Choose two (2) constructs (eg. Knowing self, shared decision making, engaging authentically) from the Person-Centred Practice Framework (McCormack & McCance, 2017) and consider how these constructs enhance person-centred care delivery to your patient. (approx 500 word)
5. Briefly describe how you would evaluate the care provided to your case study patient. (approx 200 words)
No introduction or conclusion is necessary. You may use headings. You are required to use academic sources to support this case study.
length 2000 words
details Specific details about this assessment task are available in eLearning
Style and format Essay
Learning outcomes 1,2,3,5,7
Marking criteria See rubric

Case study
Vivian Farnham found her husband, Dale, 76 years old lying on the bedroom floor when she arrived home in the evening. She was unable to rouse him fully or get him to move so she called an ambulance. Dale has a medical history of type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension.
On arrival at the Emergency Department, Dale is handed over to nursing staff.
The ambulance officer notes that Dale has been responding to loud verbal commands and has dysarthria. He has severe right sided weakness to his arm and leg. Dale tries to speak, ‘hhhhhurt’ he says bringing his left arm to his head. Vivian pulls you aside ‘I’m really worried, he doesn’t know who I am’.
Perindopril 8mg daily Metformin 500mg 8 hourly
Vital signs on arrival to ED:- Heart rate irregular 90/min, BP 170/100,
Respiratory rate 18/min, Temperature 36.7°C.
SpO2 93%
GCS 13 PEARTL BGL 9.8mmol/L
You are the Registered Nurse caring for Dale Farnham.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2338 words including References


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