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Please see the syllabus for my policy on academic dishonesty. If you plagiarize, you will not have another chance to rewrite the paper. You will receive a zero and I will enter your name into our institutional tracking system. Period.
1. Why does Marquis think abortion is immoral? What is his argument?
Thomson argues that abortion is permissible, at least in a wide range
of cases. What are those cases and what is/are her arguments?
Do Marquis's arguments challenge those of Thomson, or can one endorse
both positions without contradiction? Justify your answer in either
Cite all the texts you employ. This is at 4 to 5 page paper, though
you may certainly write more. In offering your own judgment and
defense, use course concepts.
Grading Rubric 1. Does this paper identify have a clear thesis? (5%)
2. Does this paper contain only relevant information? Are the
citations completed properly? (5%) 3. Does the paper attribute the
correct view to the philosophers in question? (10%) 4. Is/are the
philosopher’s view presented with the appropriate level of detail?
(For example, does the author explain concepts and arguments in a
tight manner, or are the arguments and concepts merely sketched?)
(25%) 5. Does the author present a clear argument in his/her
discussion? (15%) 6. Does the paper cohere? Or, is the paper a
hodgepodge of disparate ideas? (10%) 7. Does the conclusion tie
together the different phases of the paper? Or, is the conclusion a
non-sequitur? (5%) 8. Are the spelling, grammar and syntax on the
college level? (5%) 9. Does the author make appropriate and accurate
use of course concepts in constructing his or her discussion? (20%)
Intangibles: Is the paper on the assigned topic? Is it the author’s
own work?

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