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The essay should be 1000 words in length.
define and explain important concepts related to human behaviour
demonstrate knowledge of individual differences and the influence of environmental (cultural) context on behaviour; and
develop an argument in written form and apply referencing conventions.
Students are to: (a) choose one of the following questions to discuss in essay format, and (b) include one paragraph to briefly explain the topic in context of any one of the psychological perspectives or theories (eg, the BPS model) covered in the unit.
What are the psychological effects of altruism?
What makes some people more attractive than others and why?
Which evidence-based treatment approaches can be used to effectively manage stress?
What are the psychological effects of prolonged detention of refugees to Australia, and why do these effects occur?
What is the correlation between emotional intelligence and career success?

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1286 words including References


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