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Assessment 3: Project Report
Due date: Week 10
Group/individual: Individual
Word count / Time provided: 1500 words
Weighting: 30%
Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO1,2, 3 and 4
Assessment Details:
In this assessment, the student would be provided a scenario in decision-making situations.
In this assessment a decision-making situation about a project will be provided. The student needs to study the literature and find the best practice to analyses the situation with rationale. The team is required to focus on cost consideration, project delivery and execution from the perspective of sustainability, estimate cash-flow items both inflows and outflow for each alternative. The bases of estimations for estimates should be given. The team needs to decide about interest rate, project life, and other parameters that can affect economic analysis in this activity and apply one of the techniques to evaluate each alternative and select the best one.
The student should finalize results of their last part of this assessment and conduct a sensitivity analysis for the case project. For sensitivity analyses, parameters should be selected, and scenarios of sensitivity analyses should be defined accordingly. For each scenario, the economic analysis should be done, and results should be compared and explained. The student should also provide parameters for due diligence processes and the information needs of stakeholders and supporters of the project.

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