Recent Question/Assignment

Choose a company (or context) with which you are familiar:
• It has to be a real company (a large national / multinational / global company)
Provide one page (up to 200 words) with background information on your chosen company:
• Name of the organisation
• Site of organisation
• Main markets where it operates (geographical locations)
• Examples of products and services
• Key competitors
Assignment tasks
You are asked to assume the role of a consulting business analyst hired by the Directors of the business to oversee the operations of the company. Your task is to assess the overall business environment of the organisation.
Tasks 1 to 4 must relate to the selected company (the context)
Assessment criteria (Total 100 marks)
Taskl 20 marks a) Assess the advantages and disadvantages for the business based on the business type (10 marks)
b) Identify the internal and external stakeholders of the business and explan their from the business (10 marks)
Task 2 30 marks a) identify the organization structure and assess the advantages and disadvantages (15 marks)
b) Discuss the key departments and their functions (10 marks)
c) Assess the communication barriers that may arise based on the organization structure (5 marks)
Task 3 20 marks identify and explain the market structure the organization operate in. and discuss the demand and supply factors for the organization. Use examples to support your answer (20 marks)
Task 4 30 marks a) Complete a PESTLE analysts for an organization. Use examples to support your answer (IS marks)
b) Apply porter's five forces model to conduct a situation analysis Use examples to support your answer (15 marks)
Note: Appropriate referencing needs to be provided for answers of all the tasks.