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Assessment 3: Written Assessment
Task overview
Course NUR1120 Health and Illness
Assessment name Assessment 3: Written Assessment

Brief task description Identify and describe the response by the Australian federal and state governments to the current COVID-19 pandemic relating to the five action areas of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (1986) outlined below.
Due Date 11/06/2020, 2355 hrs (AEST)
Length 750 Words in total (150 words in each of the five sections) + or - 10 % for each section. Word counts include intext citations.
Marks out of:
WeighMng: 45% (marks out of 45)
Course Objectives
Graduate Attributes
: ... - CLO 1. Demonstrate an understanding of health and illness across the lifespan within contemporary health care approaches in Australia (including health promotion and illness prevention) and identify determinants of health which may influence the health and wellbeing of individuals and
. .
CLO 2. Demonstrate an understanding of purposes for utilising a holistic care approach when promoting health and supporting individuals who are living with illness;
CLO 3. Demonstrate an understanding of a collaborative health team approach when promoting health and supporting individuals who are living with illness;
CLO 4. Demonstrate ethical research, enquiry and writing skills by locating, retrieving and utilizing appropriate literature from a variety of sources to examine significant health issues within Australia;
GA 1. Well-informed individuals with discipline-specific expertise and industry knowledge relevant to their profession or area of study;
GA 2. Critical, creative, thinkers who can integrate and apply knowledge and relevant skills, including research and digital literacy skills, to analyse and evaluate ideas, concepts, theories and problems, and offer insights, innovative approaches and solutions;
GA 3. Ethical, engaged professionals and citizens who engage in non-discriminatory and safe practices and consider the local, global, social, economic, legal and environmental influences on, and impact of, their attitudes and actions;
GA 4. Employable, enterprising professionals who are confident, self-directed, know how they learn, and are resourceful, resilient, and adaptable to change.
Task information

Using ONLY the resources provided in the Resources available to complete task section below, consider the following five action areas of the Ottawa Charter for health promotion (1986) in relation to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Write short answers (150 words) in paragraph format that identifies and discusses the responses that have been initiated by either the Australian and/or your own state governments in each of the following areas:
1. Building healthy public policy (150 words)
2. Creating supportive environments (150 words)
3. Strengthening community action (150 words)
4. Developing personal skills (150 words)
5. Re-orientating health services towards prevention of illness and promotion of health (150 words)
1. Correct Academic Writing as per USQ guidelines support/assignments/academic-writing-and-proofreading
2. Reference using APA 7th Edition Referencing Style for ALL IDEAS AND CONCEPTS you have used from the sources provided. See: referencing-guide
3. Only use the sources provided for references
4. Subheadings are required for each question.
5. No introduction or conclusion is required - this is not an essay.
6. Writing in first person is not permitted, as this is not a reflection.
Assessments should be presented using:
1. Double Line Spacing
2. Times New Roman, 12 point font
3. Use APA 7th formatting style. The first line of each paragraph is indented. The reference list starts on a new page with the heading References. References are listed alphabetically and have the second and subsequent lines indented
4. Subheadings are required for each question.
USQ academic writing style is provided in links on the course Resources Tab.
The following resource will assist you to determine the scope of the action areas:
To determine the federal governmental actions that have been initiated to address these action areas use the following Australian government website:
To determine the state government actions that have been initiated to address these action areas in your state, use the corresponding government website:

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 788 words including References

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