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Assignment 1: Research Essay Discussion Paper
i. Submission deadline: See Canvas.
ii. This assignment is worth 10% of the Project Management course (i.e. 10 marks). iii. Submit a soft copy in MSWord or pdf format onto Canvas. iv. This coursework is an individual piece of work and students must NOT work in collusion or in teams. Standard University guidelines for plagiarism and collusion apply.
Discussion Questions
This research based discussion paper requires that you undertake a literature review of project Critical Success Factors (CSF) and Critical Success Criteria (CSC). You may make reference to different types of research including empirical studies, qualitative research, quantitative research, case studies, etc. You should aim to use a range of source materials including scholarly papers from quality journals. You are not expected to conduct any original research involving collection of primary data such as surveys and interviews etc.; rather the expectation is that you undertake your research using secondary data sources drawing upon existing published materials.
Answer only 1 (one) of the questions below (all are worth 10 marks):
Critically discuss the concepts of critical success factors and critical success criteria, with an emphasis on factors which are controlled by the project client.
Critically discuss the helpfulness or otherwise of project success factors when applied in the context of delivering short-term vs. long-term business outcomes.
Critically discuss the extent to which ethical decision-making by the Project Manager is a critical success factor and a critical success criteria.
Concepts of project success are often discussed from a frame of reference of business focused (i.e. for profit) organisations. Consider and critically discuss the transfer ability of project success concepts to a broader context of community focused and not-for-profit organisations.
(Guide 1500 words)

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