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You are required to submit two news article summaries individually, as discussed below.
(1) Subject Matter of Articles
You must choose any article that focuses on Financial Technology and Financial Innovations. The article should concern a topic we have examined or will examine this semester according to the teaching schedule outlined in the unit guide (for example crowdfunding, blockchain technology, machine learning, financial inclusion, regulation and risks of FinTech, etc.)
(2) Summary Requirements
Each article summary should not be more than a page (typed, 12 point font, single-spaced). It is suggested each summary to be three or four paragraphs within 600 words. The summary is NOT to repeat what is in the article. It should reflect an effort of your reading, understanding and synthesizing what the article is about. You are also required to include a discussion of what is (are) the main “news” issue (or issues) raised by author(s) and whether you agree with the authors’ opinion.
(3) Which articles can be chosen from?
You must use current articles which are published between 1st of July 2019 to 10th of April 2020. No marks will be received if a chosen article is earlier than this time frame. Articles that are provided and discussed in class cannot be used.
(4) Sources for articles
Here are some recommendations of where you can find suitable articles:
a. Business publications like Australian Financial Review and the Wall Street Journal;
b. Financial sections of newspapers such as the New York Times
c. Business sections of news magazines such as The Economist
d. “Reputable” web sites such as Bloomberg and Reuters.
(5) Citation of articles and Referencing
Article summaries should begin with a citation for the article. You are required to include complete references and acknowledgement of all sources used according to APA 6th style
This assignment carries a weightage of 20%.

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