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College of Education
EMA511: Assignment 1
Assignment 1
Title Critical Review of two Mathematics pedagogies and designing lesson plans
Value 50%
Week Due Week 5
Length 3,000 words
Learning Outcomes 1,2,3,4,5
Critical Review of two Maths pedagogies and designing lesson plans following learning trajectory
• Describe and critically analyse any two Mathematics pedagogies and apply in Mathematics lesson planning teaching practices.
• Develop and implement the lessons arising out of the foundation of analysis of Mathematics Curricula.
• Focus on critical thinking, logics and reasoning while designing lesson plans. Work on open ended problems, finding solutions to the problems and interpreting the results in real world problems.
Part 1: Critical Review of two Maths Pedagogies
Critically review and analysis two Mathematical pedagogies; one should be Learning trajectory and second you can select of your choice. Consider the effectiveness of pedagogy and how it impacts the students learning. Mathematical proficiency, problem solving skill and reasoning are the important factors to describe student’s mathematical learning which can be taken as essential criteria to investigate the Mathematical pedagogies.
Part 2: Lesson Plans: Development of Learning Trajectory
Maths has a hierarchical structure in learning therefore second part of the assignment is focused on the development of the learning trajectory. Develop a hypothetical learning trajectory to support the teaching and learning of a key concept in ‘Number’ in upper primary mathematics. Choose a topic from Number from ‘Number and Algebra’ strand from Australian curriculum. Identify informal and pre-formal knowledge that primary students at an appropriate year level are likely to possess and articulate a set of learning goals. Then identify a sequence of developmental objectives through which primary students are likely to progress and describe a potential sequence of learning tasks that develop the required knowledge.
College of Education
You need to cross-reference the activity to relevant content descriptions in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.
You will use this learning trajectory to develop a technology-enhanced resource in Assignment 2. You should start to think about how you will do this and make sure your learning trajectory is one that can be achieved with a technology-enhanced resource, such as a Webquest or Wix . Because of the technology requirement, early years topics may not be suitable for Assignment
2. Assignment 2 will cover a sequence of between 3 and 8 lessons.
You are required to submit your assignment in electronic form as a PDF by midnight, Week 5.
College of Education
Assessment 1 Marking Criteria
Criteria Fail Pass Credit Distinction High
Review of
Critical analysis and discussion on Mathematical
Justification of selected mathematical approach
Lesson plans are aligned with Australian Curriculum incorporated with key ideas (proficiency strands)
Task designing includes mathematical representation, mathematical
and facilitate logical mathematical discourse
Use of technology in lesson plans to make lessons interactive and engaging

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3809 words including References

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