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3.3 Assessment tasks
Aligned subject learning outcomes Define and apply clinical governance principles to achieve high standards of quality and safety in healthcare.
Evaluate and apply the general principles of governance and professional responsibility relevant to the healthcare professional's role.
Describe the relationship between principles of governance and safety and quality in healthcare.
Group or individual Individual
Weighting 20%
Due date 1800h, Thursday, 19 March 2020
Length 1000 words
Word counts 10% above the required word limit will be penalised by 10% deduction of the marks available. The word count must be accurately stated at the end of the written piece. Every printed element between spaces is to be counted including quotations and in-text references (but not including reference list).
Working effectively within a clinical governance (CG) framework requires a thorough understanding of the key concepts, principles, and pillars of CG and how these are applied in our workplaces. The aim of this assessment is to demonstrate your awareness of CG in your workplace through reflection on the principles of CG and the way an organisation applies these principles. In doing so you will develop and clarify your understanding of CG to better recognise gaps in practice, areas for improvement, and how to strengthen these for improved client outcomes.
In essay format, briefly explain the difference between CG and the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards. Then, analyse CG in your immediate workplace (or a previous workplace if you are not currently working), and appraise the CG framework used by your organisation as a whole. The following questions will help you formulate your analysis and appraisal:
What does CG look like in your workplace? What are some examples?
What does your organisation do to help staff recognise CG in your workplace? What are some examples?
Does your organisation's CG framework include the CG pillars and principles?
Does your team understand CG and is this reflected in their practice? Why or why not?
You should use contemporary research evidence and other scholarly literature to support their analysis and appraisal. As this is an academic essay, correct academic writing conventions and APA 7th edition formatting should be used. Avoid identifying your workplace or organisation in this paper.
For guidance on standards for assessment preparation, including referencing, please see Assessment Preparation Guidelines.
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Word Count: 1264 words including References

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