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SITXMPR502 Develop and implement marketing strategies
Assessment 1 - Questions
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Question 1: List 5 factors you must have knowledge of to develop an effective marketing strategy.
Question 2: List 5 examples of sources of information for analysing the effectiveness of current and past marketing campaigns.
Question 3: Using a SWOT analysis, define what needs to be analysed for the following areas:
Identify Strengths and Weaknesses – Internal Environment
Identify Opportunities and Threats – External Environment
Question 4: What is the primary tool of engagement with the world for most people? How does this affect the marketing environment?
Question 5: List 5 pieces of information you will need to perform a competitor analysis. Where could this information be sourced?
Question 6: Give 5 examples of information that a promotional activity report should contain.
Question 7: Give the name of a website that you can use as a resource to identify and analyse market growth or decline.
Question 8: Name 3 factors that can affect the economic environment, and affect people’s spending habits.
Question 9: Provide a description for each of the following aspects used to analyse market share:
Overall market share
Segment market share
Relative market share
Change in market share

Question 10: Provide 1 example of an emerging trend relevant to your sector in the TH&E industry:
Question 11: Name the 3 aspects of the triple bottom line sustainability concept.
Question 12: Name 4 external issues which can potentially result in new business opportunities for a TH&E business.
Question 13: What is the purpose of a marketing plan?
Question 14: Why should you involve your staff in developing marketing strategies and plans?
Question 15: Why must your marketing plan be approved before being implemented?
Question 16: What are the 4 steps in marketing control?
Question 17: Give 2 examples of reports you may generate to help analyse the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
Question 18: Why do marketing campaigns need to be reviewed?
Question 19: What needs to happen once promotional activities have been reviewed for their success or failure?
Question 20: Who should be informed about updates to the marketing strategy?
Question 21: List the key aspects of a marketing plan and outline what these involve:
Question 22: Name 2 methods of indirect sales distribution.
Question 23: List 3 aspects of a business’ conduct covered by consumer law.
Question 24: A marketing plan should include a mission statement and a business vision. Explain what these should outline.
Question 25: What are the key principles which must be considered for ethical advertising? List 3 codes which regulate advertising:

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