Recent Question/Assignment

Written portfolio item 3 - Personal Practice Framework 2000 words
To demonstrate your ability to apply a comprehensive and unified framework to a professional situation.
1. Profile - approx. 200 words
1. Provide a description of the work of the agency (Aged Care)
2. Describe the profile of clients or the research group.
3. Describe the situation – be very specific – you are applying the theory to ONE specific
situation or group.
4. Identify the issues-Employment issue /lack of staff in Aged Care Settings.
2. Ethics - approx. 200 words.
Choose ONE standard of ethical conduct from Part 2 - 5.1 – 5.7 in the Code of Ethic and explain
how this has influenced your ethical practice.
3. Essential Theoretical Perspectives for Practice 1- approx. 1000 words
Explain how at least TWO theories (not strengths or systems) formed the basis of your
practice. We want you to move beyond strengths and systems because they are a part of
all social work practice. It is fine to choose a theory that is strengths based, for example,
narrative therapy.
4. Identify other knowledge that has informed your practice - approx. 500 words
For example, knowledge about domestic violence, or unemployment, legislation etc
5. Client Outcome - approx. 200 words
What was the outcome for the client? The client might be an individual, group, project etc.
Only three 3 references required.
Written portfolio item 4 - Article for the University Field Education Practice Journal - 1,000 words
1. To practise writing a professional article
2. To identify and promote the work social work students do on placement.
3. To provide a forum to discuss practice-based issues and experiences.
‘How to minimise Homelessness in Australia’.
1. Complete a 100-word written abstract to present to your tutor about the proposed article.
2. Briefly explain the problem, situation, experience or issue you are writing about.
3. The focus of your article is something of interest to the profession that could be read
about by other people. It is NOT a critical reflection of your personal performance or the
agency. It must be appropriate for public reading. E.g.,
4. Identify the purpose of your article, e.g., to explain something that you did that could be
valuable to others, to raise an issue for discussion, to explore a concern
5. You can use ‘I’ if it is appropriate for your article.
6. Your writing needs to be clear and stem from a problem, situation, experience, or issue
that arises from practice.
Only two 2 references required.