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Assessment 2 - Individual Essay
Word Length
The essay length should be 1500 words (+/- 10%), not including scenario, references (and any appendices, if applicable) and mind-map.
Due Date: 20-09-2023
This assessment requires you to watch a video and write a reflective essay applying management concepts you've learned in the course. Here are the simplified steps to follow in doing this assessment.
1. Watch the provided video, which is 26 minutes long.
2. Choose a specific scenario from the video that allows you to apply management concepts effectively. Explain in 50-100 words which part you selected for your essay.
3. Discuss positive and/or negative organisational behaviour portrayed in the chosen scenario and its impact on organisational performance. Utilise at least four management concepts from the course to explain the behaviour or its impact. For example, you can discuss how a lack of emotional intelligence (behaviour) leads to interpersonal conflicts (impact). Avoid broader concepts like Leading and Organising.
4. Then, explore management concepts that can bring about a positive change in the workplace and how they can positively influence organizational performance. In this section, use at least four different management concepts from what you used in the previous step. For instance, discuss the role of -employee involvement teams- as a strategy to create a positive work environment.
5. Create a mind map connecting the chosen scenario and the concepts you've chosen (similar to the week 1 tutorial class activity). You can use tools like Coggle it ( to an external site.) create the mind map. Place the mind map at the beginning of the document.
Structure your essay in a logical way, using the following suggested format:
o Chosen scenario (50-100 words, not included in the word count).
o Introduction: Provide background information, state the purpose of the essay, and define its scope.
o Discussion: Analyse the demonstrated behaviours, their positive/negative impact on the organization, and the management concepts you apply to bring about a positive change in the workplace.
o Conclusion: Summarise the main points covered in the discussion.
o Citations and list of references: Include intext citations for any sources used in APA style. Provide the list of reference.
Remember, the goal of this assessment is to evaluate your ability to reflect on a practical workplace scenario and apply management concepts to create a positive work environment.
Submission Instructions
You must submit an electronic copy of your essay through Turnitin (word format only, not PDF).
Please mention the word count on the cover page (excluding references).
Provide evidence to support that you completed the Academic Integrity module. It is sufficient if you past a screen short of completed Academic Integrity module as an appendix (after reference list).
We recommend to check your similarity rate before submitting the final copy of your essay. Only three attempts will be allowed.
It is your responsibility to submit your assessment successfully. Please contact ITS help desk if you are experiencing IT issues.
Additional Information
• To get a good mark, you need to select a variety of concepts/techniques/strategies from different chapters. In other words, avoid choosing concepts from the same chapter.
• We expect you to include at least 5 scholarly references published after 2017 (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles, books), and to go beyond the core reading materials from the course. Do not count the textbook or the lecture slides as one of your references.
• This assignment should be written as an essay. You need not to use subheadings. Use at least 1.5 line spacing, 12 or 11 font size.