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I want to make a 2 presentation for 2 different topics in (Emerging Technologies)
keep in mind that those topics has been reserved:
Ethical Hacking
Dark Factories
Robotic Coding
Extended Reality
3D Painting
Quantum Computing
Digital Ethics
AI Cloud Services
Digital Humans
Technology of VR , AR and MR
Homomorphic Encryption
crypto currency
Cloud Data Ecosystems
Super Apps
Dynamic Risk Governance
Industry Cloud Platforms
Data Observability
Edge Computing
Autonomous Things
Smart Robotics
Automated Journalism
Causal AI
Renewable Energy Technologies
Decentralized Identity
Ml Code Generation
AI replacing humans
Internet of things (IoT)
Programing Languages
Robotics and Automation
Cloud Robotics
Chat Bots
Machine Vision
Smart Home Technology
Brain-Computer Interfaces
Artificial Neural Networks and
Its Application on ChatGPT
Microservices and Distributed system
Computer Security
AI in Space and Astronomy
Wearable Journalism
Platform Engineering
3d Printing
Foundation Models
Computer Vision
Autonomous Drones
Tesla Autopilot
-Hologram Technology and
Augmented reality-
Nano Tech
Machine Learning
Automatic Systems
Smart cities + Infrastructure
& Transport
Online Services
Immersive virtual reality

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