Recent Question/Assignment

Film and Discussion: Citizen Kane (Orson Welles, 19411)
1. What is your reaction to the film?
2) What is 'rosebud'. Answer this question literally (what it is), and figuratively (what it represents). If the search for rosebud is what pushes the film forward, what, in the end, is the film about? Think about this for yourself. Don't go looking online for what other people have written about it - I'm interested in what you see here.
3) The film has an interesting structure (the order and way in which the story is told). Think about both how the order of events in the film compares to the order of events in Kane's life, and also how they are told/shown to us. What makes it different to most films that you see? What effect does this have on you as a viewer?
4) We talked about the idea of montage briefly this week. There are a few montages in this film. Pick one and explain what the films uses the montage to express.
5) Can you find examples of the use of form to help us understand characters in the film? How does Welles manipulate the form to tell his story. Try to find at least three examples.
I'm looking for around 500 words