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Allocate yourself to a group
This is a group assignment, so you need to allocate yourself to a group or, if you fail to do so, you will be allocated to a group. Click this link to allocate yourself to a group (by adding your name) by 8 July 2021. Contact your group members via the group project discussion forum. Your course lecturer will be looking for evidence that you have been engaging with your group members via this forum. If a group member is unresponsive or uncooperative, please state this in your Group Task Peer and Self-Evaluation Form.
AT3 Group Case Study Analysis and Presentation
Choose ONE company from the list of companies provided here. In groups of 3:
• Research and present the chosen companys approach to sustainability. You will describe the companys approach to sustainability from the economic, social and environmental perspectives.
• Your research on the chosen companys sustainability should be based on the companys latest sustainability report, annual reports and website, and applying the theories and concepts studied in this course.
• You will present your findings in the form of a business report and a presentation to the class.
Desertion In groups o 3. you wil critically evaluate from a sustainability perspective an ASX-listed company from * list created by your course lecturer. You wil deKnbe the companys approach to sustainability (economic, social and environmental) having regard to the company s brtest suswnabiity report, arrual report and website, and applyng the theories and concepts studied in ths course. You wil present your rtndir^s in the form of a report and a presentation to the class.
Release dice The course lecturer wil publish a list of companies from which you can choose on Monday 0/ Week 7. and you will be notified by way of an amounccmcnc issued vu the Course Hub
Due date Case study report: 1159pm Friday. Week 11 Presentation- The presentation wil be held during the allocated lecture erne r. Week 12
Word limit Case study report: 1500 to 2.000 words
Time Imt Presentation- Up to IS nvnutes for the preservation pr group
Other requirements For the report Use 12 pt font Double-space your document to alow room for feedback State your nsme and student number in the document header State the word count n the document header Indude a biblography Comply wvth the APA referencing style Every group member must also complete and separately submit a formal group work peer and self-evaluation form which «s avaibble on the Course Hub For the presentation: You will present to the class at an allocated time dunng the online lecture. You must submit any sides or graphics at the same time as your case study report.
Submission formic FOF file (pdf) or Word (doc) errfy for the case study repo-t FOF file (pdf) or Wc--d (doc) crJy for peer srd self-evaluation form PDF file (pdf) or PowerPoint (ppt) only for the presentation One submission only per group for the case study report One submission only per group for the presentation Individual submiss ons arc required for the peer and self-evaluation form
Submission method Via the Turnfon dopbox on the Course Hub