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Assignment Group Project
(4 or 5 Students per Group)
The Assignment weight: 40%
Task: Description Length and Deliverables Due date
Part A Develop a change management plan based on a scenario and template provided in the assessment statement Change
Management Plan (1500-2000 words) in pdf version 23:59
Part B Peer Review 23:59
Smart Software is a company focused of software development based in Sydney, Australia. The CEO of the company is planning to grow the profit of the business by 50% next year; therefore, he would like to make a change plan to achieve the target. The plan will focus on some main areas: customer service, marketing, improving the current software based on customer feedbacks and fixing bugs.
He will introduce regular continuous improvement meetings. In the meetings, feedback from customers and partners is analysed to find ways to improve. Each idea for improvement will be assigned to a manager to ensure it is implemented with a report back expected in the next meeting.
The CEO will also introduce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for staff where they will be rated on work completed, feedback from management, other staff and customers. These KPIs will be used to reward good staff and target counselling for underperforming staff. Each staff member will need to have KPIs set and agreed. There will be new procedures introduced including a dispute resolution procedure for this to provide a fair system. All staff will need to be made aware of these procedures.
Assignment tasks:
The assignment includes 2 tasks
• Part A: Change Management Plan
• Part B: Peer Review
Part A: Change Management Plan
You, as a change manager, have been asked by the CEO, Mr Reynolds, to develop a change management plan for the above scenario.
The detailed change management plan should be 1500-2000 words. You can make assumptions which are relevant and consistent with provided information in the scenario to support for your ideas, provided you clearly state the assumptions. You may argue the pros and cons for any recommendation that is made. If necessary, students are expected to find relevant information in the academic literature to justify their answers.
NOTE: Your report must include all the headings / sections in the provided template as the minimum, you can add extra sections if you wish. You should remove the bullet points and questions highlighted in green in the template that are there as a guide only for what to include in each section. You may also change the formatting to improve the design.
Assessment criteria
Students should use this marking guide as reference to find detailed marks distribution. However, an additional rubric has been provided for expectations at each part of the assessment. In this group assignment all students are expected to contribute equally. During marking the assignment, we will have discretion in varying marks per person depending on the quality and effort that they provide to this assignment.
Originality, Style and Completeness of your report 5
Overview about the Change 12.5
Change Analysis 35
Action Plan 35
Post Implementation Plan/ Change Closure 12.5
Total Marks 100
Plagiarism / Copy case -100
Submission: Please submit a soft copy (one submission per group) on VU collaborate/ Table content/ Assessment information/ ‘Assessment 3: Report’ link
All assignments must have a signed assignment cover with clear student names and their IDs. Only the most recent submission is kept. Please note that marks will be deducted if the assignment fails to comply with specifications and deadlines above!
File format: pdf.
Part B: Peer Review
The peer reviews will be used to ensure all team members contribute equally. Normally marks will be allocated equally to all members but if it is identified one member contributes significantly less the marks may be adjusted according to student contribution.
Suggestion: Develop your team spirit and culture based on the criteria on the peer review. Keep a record of how tasks are allocated and who contributes what and when to the report.
Submission: Please submit a soft copy (one submission per person) on VU collaborate/ Table content/ Assessment information/ ‘Assessment 3: Peer Review’. File format: Microsoft Word or pdf.
NOTE: Please keep an eye on relevant announcements on VU collaborate. In case of any question, please do not hesitate to contact your lecturer.
Warning: Assignments will be checked for plagiarism using software to compare with other group submissions, past assignments, and other online sources.