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Technology Choose a technology that is used within the project area. Make sure you name the technology for your proposal. For example, you may find different types of technologies that can be used within the chosen domain (e.g. Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality), but you need to choose and focus only on ONE technology.
Technique Choose a technique that is used for the chosen technology within the area of your project. For example, for the mixed reality technology you may find than one technique, such as Tracking, Navigating and Visualisation. For your proposal, you need to choose and name ONE technique that your technology will be using within the project area.
Domain Identify the domain where the chosen technology will be used. You need to be VERY SPECIFIC about where your chosen technology can be used.
Project name You need to come up with a title for your proposal. This title should contain words that reflect the following: Technology, Technique, Domain
Key words Keywords are words or short phrases (two words) that reflect the topic of your proposal. These words MUST be used more frequently in your proposal. You cannot write too many keywords.

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