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Assessment 1 - Written Assignment 1 – Care Plan
Assessment Type Written Assignment
Purpose This assignment is designed for students to consolidate their learning from the first two (2) tutorials; to demonstrate their clinical reasoning and application of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle to plan care for patients including identifying symptoms, risk factors and pathophysiological changes; setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals; and planning appropriate nursing actions with rationales based on scientific and best practice nursing literature.
Description This assignment is to be written on the Template provided in Blackboard Course Materials and Assessment Assignment 1 template
1. This assessment is based on the clinical situation of Mr Ron Fraser in Scenario 2B, and two aspects of his nursing care in the perioperative period – fluid management and pain management.
2. Collect cues: Identify and list the clusters of abnormalities (cues) from the scenario that relate to the identified priority patient problems and compare these to recognised normal values. (suggested length 200 words – presented as a table)
3. Recall knowledge and process information:
a. From the Mr Ron Fraser scenarios identify the factors that have contributed to the
identified problems and support this with reference to literature (suggested length
250 words for both problems)
b. Discuss the physiological responses that are occurring and link these to the symptoms (cues) present. Support this discussion with reference to literature (suggested length 250 words for both problems)
4. Synthesise the Nursing Problem: The two priority nursing problems that you must address (Fluid Volume Deficit and Acute Pain) should each be expressed with related to and evidenced by statements (suggested length 50 words for each)
5. Establish Goals: Set a related SMART goal with outcome criteria that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely for each Nursing Problem. (suggested length 50 words for each nursing problem)
6. Take Action: Identify four priority Nursing Actions as a Care Plan for each Nursing Problem with detail of what, when and how the actions are to be done to achieve the stated goal (suggested length 200 words for each Care Plan).
Note that same actions should not be repeated in both care plans
7. Rationales from science and best practice: Provide a rationale for each action with reference to scientific or best practice literature. (suggested length 200 words for each Care Plan)
8. Provide an APA 7th edition reference list of all source material used. (Reference List not included in the word count)
Weighting 30%
Compulsory Requirements Attempt / Submission Requirement - Students must attempt/submit this assessment item to pass the course.
Length 1700 words
Due Date Stream 1: Monday 19th April 2021 at 11:59
Stream 2: Monday 29th March 2021 at 11:59
Stream 3 & 4: Monday 22nd March 2021 at 11:59
Submission Method Online
The assignment should be written on the Template provided on Blackboard and be submitted to Turnitin through the relevant portal in Blackboard Assessment
Assessment Criteria See marking rubric in Appendix 1
Return Method Online
Feedback Provided Online
Opportunity to Am attempt will be considered in line with Adverse Circumstances policy