Recent Question/Assignment

You should write 300-500 words in total on the important/impactful things you have experienced during the period of studying this module. Journals should have two sections. The first, to be completed by the end of the second week of the module (focusing on your plans) and the second entry (focusing on reflection about what has happened) at the end of the module. (Please don’t write any extraordinary English sentence. Otherwise my lecturer will be suspect, write the essay in simple words )
These entries should address the following points: (1st part 200 – 250 words)
• What is happening in your internship or workplace?
• How are you relating what you have learned in Module 2 to what is happening in your workplace? [ Notice: My module 2 topic is Project and project management }
• Analyse your resume and make a list of your current SFIA professional skills with their appropriate code. (Note: this is different from the Module 1 requirement regarding Generic Skills & you do not need to include levels at this stage)
• How did the SFIA skill identification exercise help you determine your strengths and weaknesses and those areas that need further development?
Some optional areas to consider in the second entry might be (2nd part 200 – 250 words)
• Can you identify any communication issues or challenges that may have happened in the workplace that has resulted in your learning about differences in workplace culture?
• Have you read an interesting article or blog recently?
• Have you attended an interesting event or presentation?
• Did you attend an interview, or make an important/interesting presentation?
• Any other topic that you feel is relevant or you would like advice on from your tutor?