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BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management
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Assessment Task 1: Review strategic network: Private and Public Sectors
To complete this task you are required to research and compile information on at least three specific strategic networks used by private and public sector respectively.
Undertake extensive research and provide a necessary reference to support your findings.
1. What is strategic networks?
2. Distinguish between Private and Public Sector Networks?
Private Sector Networks
Public Sector Networks
3. Three distinctive Private sector networks and their key features
4. Three distinctive Public sector networks and their key features
5. Key Stakeholders, their types and Role
Public sector Stakeholders Type – Internal or External Role Private Sector stakeholders Type – Internal or External Role
6. A) Benefits of Private network to individuals
B) Benefits of Private network to Organisation
7. A) Benefits of Public network to Individual
B) Benefits of Public Network to Organisation
8. Key Strategic Values – Private Network
9. Key Strategic values – Public Network
10. A) Purpose and expectations – Online Network system
B) Purpose and expectations – Face to face Network system
11. Analysis and effectiveness of communication method: Online and Face to Face Networking System
12. Legal or Policies requirements - Public sector networking system
13. Legal or Policies requirements - Private sector networking system
References: ( Harvard style reference required)
• Note: Your answers should be in a report format.
• For details description of task 1 kindly refer to learner guide.
Assessment Task 2: Establish and Maintain Strategic Networks
1. Aims and Objective
2. Overview of Proposed Strategic Networks
3. Expected Benefits
a) For Self
b) For the Organisation
4. Perceived Strategic Values
5. Key Stakeholders
6. Communication Methods and Strategies
7. Working in Public Sector in Victoria (Legislation and Protocols)
8. Key Legal and Policy requirements
9. Key Principles
a) Interpersonal, groups and inter-agency communication
b) Conflict resolution in strategic context
c) Equal employment, equity and diversity principles
10. Further Resources
Part B: Establish and Maintain Networks
Copy of Terms and Conditions or Code of Conduct ?
Add friends, contacts or join groups ?
Start new group or conversation or forum, as the network permits ?
Start conversations and build rapport with other members, participants ?
Contribute in existing discussions ?
Maintain and lead a healthy communication as per the communication strategy ?
Expand your network and invite others to join in ?
1. Relationship developed:
2. Tangible Outcome:
3. Identified Conflict/ Misunderstanding:
4. My approach:
5. Identified mutual/ new opportunity:
Kindly provide the reflection paper based on your experience with a strategic network on below points.
1. My previous thoughts and perceptions on relevance and efficacy of strategic networks
2. Any change(s) in your perception after maintaining the actual networks
3. Key learning and development (skill, knowledge, perception or ideas) gained in the process
4. Difficulties/conflicts/problems faced and resolved
• Note: For final assessment submission, please refer to submission guideline on pg—24 on the learner guide.
• For details description of task 2 kindly refer to learner guide.