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TASK: Length:1000 words
“Artificial intelligence can replace human intelligence”.
Write an essay which presents your point of view on of the above topic, supported by references/research. Remember to also include a counter-argument in your point of view.
This is an academic essay and NOT an opinion piece - so you must cite references to research/evidence that supports your argument.
Argument development:
Your arguments are logical. You include at least four key points of analysis. You synthesise multiple references to support each point. You include a substantiated evaluation of the research included for at least two of your key points.
Essay format:
Your essay has an introduction, body and conclusion and includes all components of an introduction and conclusion. Introduction and conclusion reflect the body of the essay.
Each of your body paragraphs is structured and the sequence of paragraphs is logical.
Quality of articles:
You use at least eight quality sources. All eight references meet all elements of the CRAP test.
Your reference list and in-text references are accurate as per APA7 standard and include all components.

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