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IS/IT Research Project
Research Portfolio:
Presentation Research
In this assignment, working with your group, you’ll build from your individual literature reviews and initial scoping work to select appropriate methods and develop a suitable design for your research.
By the end of the assignment, primarily you should be better able to critically analyse, discuss and evaluate an appropriate research method and research design within the context of a small research project. In addition, you will have further improved your knowledge of your research area, be more effective in communicating your research, and enhanced your general research abilities.
This assignment provides you the opportunity to give the state-of-play with regards to your ongoing research project. It allows you to demonstrate the outcomes of your critical analyses, evaluations, methodology selections, and research design activities.
Each group is required to give a presentation to discuss the planned structure of the research report, the underlying research design, and the key literature sourced to inform the study.
The presentation provides assurance that you are progressing well towards the actioning of the research.
The intention is to encourage you to think about how to structure your writing before you actually get too far into the writing process. It is also an opportunity for you to consider the overall length of the final report, and to think about how many words can be devoted to each of these sections.
In your presentation you should:
1. Briefly summarize the chosen topic and related research questions
2. Briefly outline the research design as will be expanded upon in the section Focus: Research Design below. The aim is for the group to get feedback.
3. Provide a list of relevant materials from academic and professional literature that has been consulted. The corresponding Annotated Bibliography is to be uploaded to the blackboard with the power point slides.
4. Provide an outline of your final report, with headings that are descriptive of the content of each section. Provide at least bullet points indicating the major ideas and themes that will be covered in each section. Provide a brief statement, graph or table that indicates how much of the work you have completed and what remains to be done in each of these sections.
Following your presentation, you will receive questions and constructive feedback from your tutor and peers. Likewise, you will do the same for your peers. This is a great chance to test your ideas and intended approach as you move into the execution phase of the project.
Focus: Research Design
As part of your Final Research Report (last assignment), you will be required to write a research design section on how you will conduct your research. This section should include references to the appropriate literature and should give an outline of what you intend to do. Based on the evaluation of this section you will then go out and conduct the research. For example, if you are going to do a survey, you need to include a survey instrument, or if you are going to do interviews, you need to include an interview guide.
Questioning & Structuring
The following questions should be covered ? What research paradigm have you adapted for this research?
? What research method was chosen to answer the research question(s)? In this section you need to define the chosen research method using appropriate literature. ? Why was this research method chosen? In this section you need to describe why this method was chosen using appropriate literature. ? Given the research method chosen, how will the research be conducted? In this section you should outline all aspects of your project plan for the research:
o Who/What: Who will be surveyed / interviewed? How many? OR where will data be gathered from?
o How: How will you actually collect the data? What instrument and tools? How will you analyse the data?
o Where: Where will the data
collection take place?
o When: When will you collect the data - and when will you analyse it? ? Remember, make use of tables, charts and appropriate visuals where you can. Ensure you mention any limitations or constraints in applying the selected methods.
Please study the seminar materials and other materials relating to literature reviews, research designs, and research report structures.
Submission and Assessment
Due Date
The presentation takes place during Week 08 seminar classes. The presentation and required attachments should be uploaded Friday 2nd October 2020 17:00 AEST.
You will work in groups to complete the assignment and the final presentation will be a group submission. All group members much contribute during the presentation. It should be 15-20mins in length – to be confirmed by the convenor. Weighing
The presentation/submission will constitute 20% of your final unit score.
Extensions and Late Submissions
Please refer to the information provided in the unit outline. You are welcome to discuss any issues relating to the submission with the Unit Convenor.
Marking Guide and Rubric
Be sure to check the marking guide/rubric for an understanding of how grades are allocated in this assignment.

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