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Can you help me this with C programming?
Task 10.6 - Nested Structure
Aim: To demonstrate your knowledge in using nested structures.
Title: C Program to Store Information of Students Using Structure.
Write C-Program based on the following instructions
a. Create a structure subject-the structure to contain subjectID, subjectName and marks.
b. Create a structure student - the structure to contain studentID, studentName, subjects
COS10008 Foundations of Technical Programming Page 2
Last updated 29,h August 2020 Version 1.0
(variable subjects should be of the type structure subject). Each student to be enrolled in three (3) subjects. Hint - Create an array of subject of size 3.
c. Read details for one (1) student... including three (3) subject details
d. Display the values of the student along with the details of three subjects
e. The output of your program should match the following sample output
Student details ID - S1001 Name John
Subject ID Name Marks
COS10008 C-Prog 65.00
COS10020 Web 54.00
COS10011 IBIS 89.00

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